Monday, April 2, 2012

march haul

Whoops, I totally forgot to post this on the last day of March like I normally would!
My March involved a lot of polish. I did so well in February, we all know I can't have 2 good months in a row.

Here's what I racked up in March:

You may remember that on the first of March, I got a ton of polish in a swap from my friend Claudia!

Catrice - New York
Catrice - Sydney
Catrice - London
Catrice - Berlin
Catrice - Plum Play With Me
Catrice - Lucky In Lilac
Hello Kitty - Pink Tutu
BeYu - 209
Nfu-Oh - 51
Illamasqua - Hemlock
Barry M - Bright Purple
Barry M - Once Upon a Time
Essence - Make It Golden
Essence - Time For Romance
Essence - Gleam In Blue
Essence - In Style
Essence - Romeo
Essence - Gabriella and Troy

I got some sparkly pretties from my friend Marissa:
Milani - Hot Pink (Jewel FX)
Milani - Teal (Jewel FX)
Milani - Fuchsia (Jewel FX)
Milani - Lavender (Jewel FX)
Milani - Pink Flare (One Coat Glitter)
L.A. Colors - Rainbow Glitter

I bought a whole pile of Essence Colour & Go Polishes when they arrived at my Shoppers. These all cost me about $1 each after discounts so... they don't count. Right? Right...:
Space Queen
Ultimate Pink
Break Through
Walk of Fame
Modern Romance
Wake Up!
Black is Back
High Spirits
Nude It!
Luxury Secret
A Lovely Secret
Glamorous Life
Wanna Be Your Sunshine
Walk On Air

My aunt in England sent me some great polishes!
Max Factor - Fantasy Fire
Max Factor - Odyssey Blue
Max Factor - Graffiti

I picked up some OPI's for half price:
DS Temptation
I Have A Herring Problem
Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?
Pepe's Purple Passion
Honk If You Love OPI

I got a polish and two frankens from the lovely Destany which make fun of me and Sarah:
Sarah Waite Is Gonna Die
I Wore Out My Enter Button (aka Rebecca)
Sinful Colors - Cinderella

Laurie sent me 2 pretties:
Nabi - Purple (Magnetic)
LA Colors - Celebrate 

I won two polishes in Color Club's Valentine's contest which arrived this month:
Color Club - Hydrangea Kiss
Color Club - Sweet Pea

I got an amazing package from the lovely Anissa:
OPI - It's My Year
Ciate - Cupcake Queen
Deborah Lippmann - Across The Universe
NOX Twilight - Crush
NOX Twilight - Citrus
Zoya - Kendal

I ordered some polish from Sephora's Betsey Johnson Collection:
Sephora by OPI - It's My Pink
Sephora by OPI - Mini Collection (Pushing Your Luck, Yellow My Name Is Betsey, Too Too Turq, Sun of a Gun, Alley Cat, XOX Betsey)

Other random things I bought:
Icing - Lemme See Your Peacock
Nicole by OPI - Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue

That's 69 polishes. Whoops.
The Essence's were so cheap... And the OPI's were on sale... And almost everything else was a swap.


  1. WOW - that's a big haul! But then cannot say I have not had months where I picked up that many or more! But then I don't have nice folks sending me stuff like you as a great blogger does. I need to do a blog just so I can have some followers to hold blog sales - I so need to trim my stash. Storage is a problem but the database amazingly keeps holding as much as I get!

    1. there's a community on livejournal called polishsale where you can have a blogsale without having a blog!

  2. Ha ha, now I don't feel so bad about my 47 bottles of polish and 4 bottles of base/top coats!!

  3. LOL. Yup, totally justified.

  4. Lucky you, my fiance get's upset when I buy yet another polish and all together I have less than 100 polishes...

  5. NIce! I wish I could have done as well as you! Fantasy Fire is DEFINITELY on my lemming list.

  6. Wow! And yeah, every excuse is good;)

  7. this is a fantastic haul! I love it!
    No way the Essences's from Shoppers count, they were pretty much free right! ;) lol

  8. i had to show this to my grandma she thinks i have kind of a problem bc i have aroun 40 polishes...
    i'm glad you find sales in such a pretty colors!!

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