Friday, April 13, 2012

Depend - 202 and 255

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday the 13th!
I've pre-written this post because I plan on spending all of today studying for my first exam. (I'm the worst student ever and I almost never study until the day before the exam!)

I also stayed up late to watch a hockey game that went into overtime. Why do my finals have to line up with the playoffs? Conflicting interests. Go Blackhawks!

Anyway, today I'll be showing you two awesome little polishes from Depend. My lovely friend Line in Denmark sent these two pretties to me and I adore them. I let Line surprise me with the colors and of course she did a wicked job because she and I have very similar taste!

Purple and teal. It's all about the purple and teal.
(She also sent me another teal polish which I'll save for another post, but it's amazing too. You rock, Line!)

Depend - 202
Sadly, Depend polishes don't have names, just numbers.
This is a beautiful purple polish with silvery shimmer running through it. The shade of purple is lovely, very vibrant and not quite like other purples in my stash.
The formula is perfect and covers great in just 2 coats!

Depend - 255
255 is an amazing teal/turquoise polish, with the same shimmer as 202, but this one dries to a semi-matte finish! You can see it in the second photo especially. I didn't realize it at first but as I was snapping pictures, it was changing! It covers great in just two coats, formula like a dream, you can see nail line in the photos but that was not visible in person.
I like it better when it is shiny, which is no problem as I always smother my manicures in a thick coat of Seche Vite anyway!
This color is just perfect and so vibrant, I'm in love!

Pretty much every swatch I've ever seen from Depend has been a very "me" polish. If I ever go to a county that carries Depend, I'll probably buy one of everything. Why do mini polishes make me feel like having all of them is justifiable? (I'm looking at you, Essence.)
Let's hope I don't get near a Depend display anytime soon, or it might be dangerous!

Thanks again, Line! You got me gorgeous polishes, but I'm sure you already knew that! :)
Coming up tomorrow and the next day, I'll show you these polishes again... But with amazing glitter topcoats. How's that sound? See you tomorrow!


  1. That teal/turquoise really is beautiful, both look great on you :)
    I would be in the same boat if I ever went to a country that carried them, they would ALL be coming home with me lol

  2. So cute the small bottles, they are both great.

  3. They ARE cute....I agree the teal is VERY pretty

  4. Yey swedish polish ;p Maybe I should get that teal one :)

  5. You are so sweet! I did not know the teal was a semi-matte! It didn't say anywhere, but it looks so gorgeous on you!