Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Essence Nail Art Twins - Edward and Bella

Good morning everyone! Today I'll be showing you my final set of Essence Nail Art Twins which are also my favorite ones!
Sadly, I had some serious issues photographing these polishes! Ugh, they drove me crazy.

Now that this is my last set of twins, I'll do some shameless begging for the rest of them!
If any of my lovely followers can find me Mr. Big & Carrie, Joe & Victory, Thelma & Louise or Bonnie & Clyde, please let me know! I just love these stinkin' polishes.

Essence - Edward and Bella
If you've been living under a rock, let me explain to you who Edward and Bella are. They are the main characters in the book/movie series, Twilight (or The Twilight Saga.)
There's a lot of Twilight lovers and a lot of Twilight haters.  I once was a hater, but I gave in and now I'm a lover. And I'm not ashamed to say it!

So of course I needed these polishes, being a fan of the series, and they also happened to be one of my favorite colors. Turquoise! It's perfect.

Now if only they would have cooperated with my camera. I even swatched them twice to try to get better pictures! I've got some good shots and some not-so-good ones.

Essence - Bella
Bella is a beautiful turquoise creme which is right up my alley! The third picture is the most accurate.
The formula is great on this polish, you can get away with one thick coat but I did two thin ones. Be careful though, because Bella can stain pretty badly. Double up on base coat!

Now let's add the pretty glitter.

Essence - Edward
Edward is another great topper from Essence with square glitter. We all love the squares.
Most of the glitter is teal but there is also some small holo glitter mixed in there. My swatches show two coats of glitter to get the best coverage.

This stupid polish hated me. Or my camera. Or something.

Edward looks great over other colors too:

Here it is over OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and Russian Navy. This is for sure one of my fave glitters.

I hope the shots I managed to get were good enough for you guys! These polishes are beautiful and I am so happy to have them. You can bet I'll be wearing them when I go see the final Twilight movie!


  1. OMG Rebecca! The teal/turquoise, the glitter. I am gonna be sick with how much I love love love these :( ah man I want them.. I am too a sucker for all things twilight - I was once a hater and now I am a lover like you! I prefer the books though.. team jacob ;) x

  2. what a beautiful color combination! hats off to essence and their twins collection.

  3. So gorgeous! Teal is my favourite too! I'm in love with Edward, the polish. Another great combination :)

  4. Oh, Rebecca...I can't believe you succumbed to the dark side, LOL! However, this sparkly Edward is one that I can totaly understand the lust over, I love it!

  5. More I see those Essence twins, more I want them. The combination is perfect.

  6. These are gorgeous. I'm so lucky that I was able to get my hands on Edward, but not on Bella. Oh well... :)

  7. I was a hater befor it was cool ;) I've read all 4 books and I don't like them at all : P But I love this Edward polish! Bella is nice :)

  8. Loooooove it! I especially love Bella.

  9. i love how edward is the glitter :)

  10. Can I say how jealous I am right now? This is amazing. I wish we sold these where I live, I'm officially in love with them.

  11. omg this are my favorites of the collection, not just for the names!!
    but because the colors are gorgeous, i wish they sold them here!!! :(

  12. Oh these are so pretty! Shame about the names though. Lol. /bricked

  13. OMG I love them! Uh oh, I just found out i'm allergic to epicness! Noooo!!!!!!

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