Saturday, September 10, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 10

Hi guys! Today's mani is my favorite from the challenge so far!
The theme is Gradient Nails.

I'm in love!! I just love gradients, they're really pretty and eye-catching. I always get compliments when I wear gradients.

Here are the polishes I used:

I've been told recently that people like when I include bottle pictures, so I will try to do it more often!

This mani started with 2 coats of Joe Fresh - Iris.
Most of the time, Joe Fresh polishes don't jump out at me, but recently I actually picked up three of the newer ones that were just lovely! I'll show you the other two sometime soon, I'm sure.
Most pictures of this color came out inaccurate, but this next photo shows the true color of the polish:

Excuse the lobster hands and blurry photo! Sometimes that is the only way you can get the right color to show up!
It is a blue-toned dusty purple, and I have nothing else like it!

For the gradient, I began sponging on a thin coat of Essence - Can't Cheat on Me. I haven't shown you a swatch of that one yet, so I'll show it now!

Can't Cheat On Me is a sheer but buildable subtle holographic polish from Essence. These babies only cost 99 cents at Ulta.

This swatch is four coats. Because it is so sheer, I knew it would be awesome for gradients!

In this close up, you can see the subtle holo going on. It is pretty but not very obvious.

On top of the Essence gradient, I added a coat of OPI - Yule Love This Silver to give it some more holo sparkle! The particles in the OPI are larger and brighter so they give it a nice glittery effect.

Look how pretty the bottle looks in this photo! Hehe.

I totally love this mani, and I can't wait to try another gradient with Can't Cheat On Me!
It is a bit wintery though... Can't you picture it with some snowflakes stamped on? I'll have to keep that in mind for the Christmas season!

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  1. uuuuhhhhhh!!!! i loooooveee it! Awesome! hugs*

  2. this is so pretty!! i love it!! i have yet to try a gradient mani but i must do it now!!!

  3. Awesome gradient. It looks really good!


  4. Gradient with holos!?! Topped with glitter!?! Brilliant! Love it! It makes me think of snowflakes too. Thank you for the tip on the Essence, I will be stopping by Ulta this weekend now ;)

  5. I've never tried gradients, but this is making me want to try it! :) Its gorgeous!

  6. They look great! love the combo :)

  7. Ditto the love for the color combo. So pretty.

  8. Whats your secret to gradients?? Mine always suck!

  9. this is probably the most gorgeous gradient mani I've ever seen. I will have to try it soon. Amazing ! xxx

  10. You are so good in doing gradients!

  11. This is a such a beautiful mix. I love it .

  12. This is really pretty, wanting to try holo gradient now!

  13. Hii.. I jus came across ur blog!! Its such a lovely blog!! Amazing manis!

  14. Looks gorgeous! Like you dipped your nails in fairy dust or fresh snow :)

    PS I just noticed your blog is the same template that mine was before I changed it, ha, funny coincedence

  15. Love this gradient I really like the Joe fresh color bummer they don't sell it where I live.

  16. wow, the combos you used work so well together! you could use any base color with this! amazing!