Wednesday, September 7, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 7

Hi everyone! I've been a very busy lady today so I'm only now getting around to posting!

The theme for today in the challenge is Black and White Nails.

I really wanted to do checkerboard nails but I did not have the patience to tape off a bunch of lines. I wish I had the plate from Essence that has the checkered pattern! I might have to find someone who can send that to me.

Even though they aren't what I wanted to do, I think they turned out really cute!

I used several different sized dotting tools to create this dotty look.
The white is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White and the black is Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme, AKA the best black and white I have ever tried. (And I have tried a lot.)
Just because you can get it at Walmart, doesn't mean it isn't good! :)

These sort of look like dalmatians! Haha.
Polka dots are so easy, and there are so many combinations, you can never get sick of them!

Bonus picture!

I did these nails with a Sharpie ages ago! Long before my blog. I should invest in another fine tip Sharpie so I can do these again! Haha.

Guess what? I'm back to university tomorrow! Woe is me. I can't believe summer is over. Here in Newfoundland we had a terrible summer, barely any hot days and just rain upon rain. So it feels like summer never even happened and now it's gone.
I hope this semester goes fast, and I hope it won't take too much time away from my polishin'! ;)
Have a great evening!


  1. love the mani, it reminds me of dalmatian print :-P .. loving the checker pattern :-P

  2. I wish I could say how much these nails suck but alas, they do not lol! I'm just wondering if you're going to try to use these again for the polka dot challenge???!!! As always I bow down to your dotting ability!!!!

  3. I love it!! I did the challenge too! But mine look like blehh... not as good as yours, even if yours are just polko-dots! How do you take such clear pictures!?! And I use my sharpie all the time when I do nail art.

  4. @lnievin - i will be doing more, of course :) and thank you!

    @Kirshten - i have a really expensive camera which helps a lot, but also, lighting! these photos were taken with flash near a large window to allow for the most light as possible. :)

  5. cute!! Does whirlwind white work for stamping??

  6. Nice! Just painting mine for tomorrows Black and white day = just waiting for them to dry now. Am having much fun with this meme. XD

  7. I love this! It really does look like Dalmatian print!


  8. They're gorgeous! Way better than my attempt at Dalmatian nails hah x

  9. @Rebecca my camera is a really big and expensive one too! But when I post them on Blogger, Blogger turns all the pictures blurry! I hate it..

  10. I really like this color and dot combo! It reminds me of the polka dot dress Mondo made for the finale of Project Runway.

  11. @Kelly - yes! not exactly like konad but close.
    @Kirshten - hmm, maybe try downsizing your images a bit before you upload them and the quality won't be lost. but i do think your photos are awesome, anyway!!!

  12. these are super cute!!! somehow you seem to make the most simple colors so cute!!!

  13. Lovely mani!! I love it!! And I feel you on the summer, it was kind of on and off here in BC too! June and July were kind of crappy and rainy, August was mostly alright, but suddenly NOW we're having a heat wave! LOL It's all over the place!

  14. My brother races cars, so one day for a big race I decided I NEEDED checkered flag print on my nails. I ended up drawing a grid with a black polish/striping brush, and filled in every second square with black using a dotting tool. Sure, they're a bigger scale, but I think they still came out decent! Here's a pic:

    Anyway, I just thought I'd share that tip for anyone wanting to try it! However I am also in love with your design for the black and white day! Well done as always :)

  15. Loving these, so cute! And good luck with Uni :)

  16. LOL @ 'the dot's queen', but it's totally true!

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