Wednesday, September 14, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 14

Hi guys! I've only got just over an hour to make sure I don't lose the challenge at day 14! Haha.
I've had this mani done all day but I've had no time to post the photos! I'm still a busy post-birthday girl.

Today's theme is Flowers. I went through all my cheapie plates from eBay to try and find something cute, and I sure found a cute one!

Speaking of cute...

Look at the cupcake my friend Emma crocheted for me for my birthday! Awwww! Too cute. Thank you Emma!
Pictured with my cuppycake - the polish I used for today's mani!

This is three coats of China Glaze - Purple Panic which as you can see is not exactly purple, it is more of a pinky fuchsia. This is the third bottle of China Glaze that I ever bought! Haha. It is one of their neon colors so it dries semi-matte.

And here it is with the stamping! Isn't it cute?

I wasn't expecting to like this look as much as I do.
And the pretty shimmer of Purple Panic shows up better once you add topcoat.

I really enjoy that this challenge makes me do things I would not have thought of had I not been participating!

Look! Another birthday present! This super cute polish bottle is a Christmas tree ornament that my lovely friend Whitney sent me! It came today - just one day late. Thank you Whitney!

While we're talking birthday presents...

See those three cupcakes in the back? My friend Vicki (the baker discussed in this post!) made me cupcakes! There were 6 but we took care of the other ones...
I'll share with you what she told me - She was going to write Happy Birthday on a cake, but then thought to herself: "Wait! Rebecca Likes Cupcakes!"
And so, from my cupcake-inspired franken named Rebecca Likes Cupcakes, actual Rebecca Likes Cupcakes cupcakes were born.
Did I say cupcakes enough?!
Thank you Vicki!
(My mom bought me the cuppies in the front, how unloving! Hah!)

I won't bore you with all of my birthday gifts, but I'll have many more polish-related birthday gifts to show you guys in the coming days as they arrive. So many of my lovely "polish friends" were so generous and I had the best birthday ever!
Not to mention the birthday money I promptly spent on polish... Of course!

Bonus birthday picture...

This was my birthday cake! I made it all by myself.
I had a very Hello Kitty birthday. Cake, calendar, cards, pajamas, floormats for my car... LOL. I swear I turned 21 and not 12.

Goodnight guys! (Or good morning/afternoon, wherever you are!)


  1. everything about this is sooo cute! hope you had a good b-day. :-D

  2. i love the cupcake! so cute, cant wait to see what all you boughttt

  3. The polish ornament is so cute! Crocheted cupcake?! Shut up, that's adorable! Hello kitty cake?! Holy crap you made that? Mad baking skillz! Oh and the nail art is cute too!

  4. i love it, what stamp is that? :)

  5. this mani is A-FREAKING-DORABLE!!! and omg your cake!!! love love love!!!

  6. @Erika - it is a no-name brand from ebay. there is no way of telling you how to get it! haha. you just have to try your luck.

  7. haha awesome! i love the hello kitty cake! you are so talented! :) cute nails! hugs*

  8. Wow the cake is amazing! What is it made of?

  9. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! :-) that cake is amazing and so is the mani! Xxx

  10. Love the mani!! Your cake it so cute, and so is your crochet cupcake :)

  11. Oh my gosh, you sound like me, obsessed with Hello Kitty! I like the flowers, really need to try stamping. You cake was awesome, too!

  12. Love love love! This manicure is sooo cute!:)

  13. I'm in love with you for "posing" with the ornament. hahaha. <3

  14. Thank you everyone!

    @Helga, just regular cake and icing! Hehehe.

  15. Wow this is all so awesome!! Lucky you, that cake is fantastic I wouldn't even want to eat it!

  16. Looks like you had a great birthday! The mani is cute!

  17. Love the manicure! But I love your Hello Kitty cake even more! A "how to do" would be nice!

  18. i honestly like this nail polish on its own :D haha. i love that color! wooow the cake is amazing :O

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  19. I love this mani! & The ornament is so cute!