Sunday, September 11, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 11

Hi guys! Today's post is the first post in a very long time with very short nails.
Don't worry, my nails grow fast, but for now they are nubs!
(I don't really mind them, though.)

Today's theme is Polka Dot Nails.
I already did polka dots on the Black and White day, not realizing I would have to do more a few days later!
Those were uneven polka dots, so today I wanted to do more evenly spaced polka dots.

Before I show you the mani, let me show you the polishes I used.

Hello, babies!

These adorable polishes were sent to me by my saucy Danish friend Line.
The same girl who sent me the Gosh Holographic for my giveaway! (Which ends tomorrow night, by the way!)

These are just the cutest. And so perfectly "me." Hello Kitty and animal print!
There is a third that is purple, but it is in a different bottle, and I'll show you that one another time.
Thank you so much Line! I love them so much!

I'm thinking they meant to spell that "Coral" but either way, I'm not really sure what coral has to do with blue polish. (H&M must have poor English translators. Corall Summer? Pink Paradies? Wawawoom?)

Pink Summer is a lovely creme pink, not very unique but very pretty. The formula is good - a bit thick but not unmanageable. Almost covers in one coat but you need two for perfect opacity.

I wish these came in every color.

Corall Summer is an aqua blue creme, again not very unique. The formula on this one is less thick, and it needs 2 coats to cover.

Don't you love how the bows match the opposite bottles? And the lids? So cute!

Now, if you're not sick of my short nails yet, I'll show you my dots mani!

Tiny dots! Very tedious.

After finishing this mani, I really feel like I have done this before, but I don't think I have! I looked through my posts with the "dots" tag and I can't find anything.

Even if I potentially did it before, I still love it! Haha.
I did this mani with a small dotting tool, which seriously helps get the dots even. If you love polka dot manis but hate trying to make them even, invest in some dotting tools! You can get them really cheap on ebay.

See those two black dots on my middle finger? They came off my Seche Vite brush. Annoying!!

I think I might have just remembered why these look so familiar, I did the same color combo before in a crackle mani. Maybe that's it...

I wonder how long my nails will be by the end of this 31 day challenge! We'll have to wait and see...


  1. Pretty! Cute bottles :P

    I wish my nails would look good short like yours! xD

  2. I just love your dots! It's cool how the tiny dots need a second look to see that you used alternating colors.

  3. These are AMAZING. It's almost dizzying how close they are, but I love it.

  4. those polish bottles are so cute! my friend would totally dig it. I love how you put the dots it looks cool!

  5. I never get tired of dots. The alternating colors it a really nice effect

  6. This must have taken forever! I love it though! So gorgeous! :-)

  7. Oohhh I love the colors! The mani looks great!


  8. LOVE! Polka dots are my favorite thing to do - their so easy but so fun to look at

  9. the colors are really pretty.... Small polka dots are super cute! i must try :) hugs

  10. The small dots may have taken longer but it does look amazing, great work x

  11. Really adorable! I like it and I'm not even a big fan of polka dots; must be the nice colors together.

  12. So cute! you must have the patience of a saint :-)

  13. Super fun! They have an optical illusion thing going on. And I don't think your nails are too short. :)

  14. Oooh this look is perfect!! I envy your dotting skills haha. I agree the awesome HK polishes are very you :)

  15. well at least shorter nails means less dots :P I love the color combo and the final result

  16. Those HK bottles are adorable and your mani is to die for!!

  17. I want those POLISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This turned out great! =)

  19. Personally, I think short nails look so much better than long nails (although when yours were long they weren't long enough to be weird)

  20. Those bottles are so cute! and I love how this mani came out the two colors go so well together!

  21. WOW!! Bottles are sooo cute! I want to buy them just for these cute bottles:D And your manicure is really cool! I love dots! Perfectly done!
    Good luck

  22. OMG!! the cutest polishes ever!! love the mani!!

  23. Love it! And I've looked at those polishes a million times at H&M but I always think they are too similar to something I already have.. Hmm..

  24. Where did you get these polishes please?
    I need them!!
    Great mani!

  25. @rock-or-not - mine are from a girl in Denmark, you can probably find them in many european countries. they are only sold at H&M.

  26. wow this is so nice. it almost looks like the s.h. salon effects because they're so neat! and the color combo is amazing!

  27. Your dots look great and I love the colors! Very creative alternating colors, I like it!

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