Monday, September 19, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 19

Hi guys! Today's theme is Galaxy Nails!
I really enjoyed doing these nails and I am sad that I only get to enjoy them for 24 hours!

I started looking at YouTube tutorials for galaxy nails and the one that I liked the most belonged to my lovely friend (and fellow Canadian!) Hayley from Here Comes The Sun! (Coincidentally, watching her do the 31 day challenge is what prompted me to start!)

Here is her tutorial:

A whole bunch of polishes go into this design and I didn't have all the same ones as Hayley so I had to make some substitutions.
I took step by step photos, but I'll show the finished product first!

Ta-da! I think I made the stars much too large but it is still pretty galaxy-like, I believe.

You're looking at 9 different polishes to create these mini galaxies.

And it looks very cool from a distance too!

I thought my jeans made a nice backdrop for these photos, haha.
I'm so happy the challenge forced me to do these nails! I'm not sure I ever would have tried it otherwise.

Now for step by step photos!

It starts with these three polishes.

One coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme and one coat of GOSH Black Passion. Black Passion was a substitute polish and I think it worked very well!

This is one of the first polishes I bought when I started noticing nail polish and all the pretty finishes it came in.

Begin your galaxies with sponged-on white. I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White.

Now for the pretty stuff!

I sponged on Sally Hansen HD Spectrum over the white to tone it down and make it iridescent. (This was another substitution from Hayley's polishes.)

Add some of the most perfect polish for this design - Orly Galaxy Girl.

I added a few shooting stars with Essence Can't Cheat On Me, but they are hard to see. And then stars with white!

The final touches are hard to see in photos, but in person they really finish the look!
All three of the polishes I used here were different from Hayley's, but only slightly.
I used CND Effects Teal Sparkle over the stars for a shimmery look, and then dabbed on a small amount of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure for added interest and depth.

Add topcoat and you are done!

I really enjoyed doing these nails and I hope some of you guys will also follow along with Hayley's great tutorial and make some tiny galaxies of your own!
Have a great day :)


  1. soo awesome! =D I'm so doing this challenge myself! =D

  2. they turned out amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It seems so easy to do! I only tried once and failed.. :p Maybe I should just post it anyway xD

  4. So awesome! I will have to work up the nerve/patience to try this, lol!

  5. I love it! I used Essence Can't Cheat On Me for mine too!

  6. She has a good tutorial! I like your result, look great :)

  7. This is sooo extremely pretty!
    I think I would have "cheated" and kept it on for an extra day! :D

  8. wow, that's amazing. i am in awe of your polish skills!

  9. Wow these are awesome!! Thanks for the tutorial! Thats so cool that you used Kleancolor Chunky holo purple!

  10. These are great! Shame you'll have only one day to wear them. I can't wait to try the 31 day challenge myself :)

  11. Two thumbs up! 5 gold stars! A+!

    I'm happy that you liked my tutorial! Thanks Rebecca :)

  12. These are great! Lots of polishes haha!

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