Sunday, September 25, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 25

Hi everyone! Did you think I failed the challenge today by not posting at my usual time?
Well have no fear, I have just been extremely lazy all day - watching Supernatural on DVD and napping.

I wasn't going anywhere today, so I didn't want to change my nails, but I knew I had to! I can't fail the challenge with so few days left.
I found the energy to do my nails an hour ago and let me tell you - it's a good thing I did because these babies are fierce.

The theme for today is Inspired by Fashion. I'm not big on fashion, really, but there is one designer who always interests me.
Betsey Johnson.

Picking the designer, easy. Finding the right idea for the nails? Hard, because there are so many possibilities!
I settled on the design from one of her perfumes for my nails. (Yes, perfume isn't exactly fashion, but she does carry these patterns across all of her items so I'm sure this works, somehow!)

I am just so pleased with how these came out.
I think that one nail is my best floral nail ever! It look so realistic, doesn't it?

Here is the box I was inspired by. I couldn't find a larger picture that showcased the 2 sides of the box I did so this small one will have to do. The box has a different pattern on each side, but those two were my favorites!

The base color is Color Club - Almost Famous.
The leopard print is Color Club - Yum Gum (light pink) and Raspberry Rush (dark pink.)
The leaves are OPI - Jade Is The New Black.
The flowers are made of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Presto Pink, Wet N Wild - Tickled Pink, and OPI - Dim Sum Plum.

I'm going to work on a tutorial for this kind of floral nail because I get a lot of questions about how to do them! Expect that sometime soon.

I chose to do the accent nail on my index finger to be a little kooky - because Betsey is kooky!

Here are my nails with the only Betsey Johnson item I own - the cutest earrings ever!
The earrings are a bit heavy and hurt my poor little ears, but I wear them anyway.

I'm so pleased with how these turned out, and I hope you guys like them too!


  1. definitively your best floral ever(:

  2. Lol I was lazy to post today's theme too so I posted it early in the morning so I dont have to worry about it the rest of the day! I love your nail art design! Especially the one stroke petals!! You're super awesome at nail art! I cant believe you used only polishes and not acrylic paint!

  3. omg that is so Betsey Johnson! When I saw them I knew they reminded me of something (I have that perfume) then I kept reading and actually said omg out loud! love them :) def look forward to the tutorial

  4. These are ADORABLE! I love the pink and yellow together!

  5. These are sooo cute!! I love the color combination!!!

  6. I LOVE this!! Betsey Johnson's designs are amazing, and your roses are perfect! I'm eagerly awaiting that tutorial. (Hint, hint, lol)

  7. I cannot get over the roses! They are some of the best I've seen!!!

  8. That is so cute. I'm looking forward to the tutorial!

  9. Rebecca: These are very pretty and neat!!! Cute!

  10. I'm convinced that you can do no wrong. These, as well as every other manicure you've done, is gorgeous! I can't wait for the tutorial! :D

  11. I love floral nails! These are too freakin' cute.

  12. Love the nails and love those earrings! Beauty is pain, wear those earrings anyway!

  13. Becca, I love these!! They're so bright and girly ^^

  14. This mani is so cool!!
    i really really love it!

  15. Adorable manicure! And great inspiration ;)

  16. So, hadn't even read any yet and knew that it was Betsey :) She's amazing! The nails look great too!