Monday, September 5, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 5

Good morning! Today's theme in my 31 day challenge is Blue Nails.
If you missed the start of this challenge, head back to this post to see what's up!

I have a lot of blue polishes, and recently got a few great ones! So it was hard to decide which one to use today, but eventually I decided to use H&M - Peppermint Fusion.

I love the bottles these H&M polishes come in, but the cap is a bit awkward to paint with.

When I found this polish at H&M in Toronto I squealed because I wanted it so bad! I had seen it here on Nailside and figured it was only available in European H&M's.

This is a beautiful cornflower blue, similar to Essie's Lapis of Luxury or Smooth Sailing, but the difference here is the shimmer!

The shimmer is a bright blue/turquoise color so it really pops from the base.

It's too pretty! This is 3 coats for full coverage. I love it!

Coincidentally, the day I bought this polish I also bought a bright blue cardigan from H&M! So that is the blue item I'm showing you along with the polish.
I love this cardi and it was only $19.95! H&M has such good prices. (The polish was a bit more expensive than it should be, though - $5.95 for 9mL.)

Tomorrow's theme is violet/purple... How on earth will I pick?!


  1. Very pretty reminds of a MAC eyeshadow I have!

  2. It's so pretty right?! I really enjoy your challenge-posts and the colored items you take pictures with! About the purples, maybe you could do a skittle?

  3. i love it! it is a lot prettier than i expected! and the shirt is gorgeous!

  4. That is so gorgeous! I am bummed that the H&M near me doesn't carry polishes!


  5. A.MAZ.ING! I seem to be drawn to blue polishes at the moment.....

  6. This is awesome!! I have on blue today. Will try to join you on this 31 day challenge :)

  7. I've never spend enough time in H&M to even know they had polish!

  8. I can't believe it is already day 5! Love this polish. So shimmery!

  9. I guess its because the bottle reminds me of Butter London that I wonder if that square part pulls straight up off a smaller cap like the BL ones do. The color is gorgeous!

  10. @Shieldmaiden96 - I thought the same thing! But nope, it doesn't come off. :(