Thursday, September 8, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 8

Good morning! Today's theme in the 31 Day Challenge is Metallic Nails.

Recently, I stumbled upon the Orly Mineral FX Collection at my Sally Beauty. I was not expecting it to ever show up here - a lot of the Orly collections don't.
I was shocked to see an untouched display and of course I immediately texted Kayla Shevonne about it, and picked up one for me and the whole collection for her! We are a polish team!
You can see her swatches of the whole collection here.

And here is the one I picked up:

Orly - Rock Solid. This was the only polish from the collection that I felt I didn't have anything like and was a color I would wear. But... I ended up not liking it too much.

It's a gunmetal gray metallic with lots of sparkle and holographic glitter. It does sparkle nicely and looks cool, but it is SO BUMPY. It's hard to tell in the photos, but it is really lumpy. The glitter just does not sit well.

Beyond the lumpiness, it is pretty. Layering it over a similar color would probably help with the bumps because there would only be one layer of the glitter.
But another thing - I wore this polish two days ago, without Seche Vite (I was planning on changing my mani again a few hours later so I didn't want to waste SV) and it would not dry!
2 hours after applying, I was able to scrape it all off my nails as if it was only a few minutes old.
So the formula is not the best. You would need a quick-dry topcoat like SV to really wear it.

It's a shame this polish has so many faults, because it really is pretty!

Blurred for sparkle!

The bottom line with this polish is, if you don't have a similar color to layer it over or don't have a quick-dry topcoat - don't buy it!

It's too bad I don't like it because it cost me $8.49 even with a pro discount. The Orly FX polishes generally retail for around $10. Too much!


  1. Ahh, I felt the same way about this polish! I was so let down!! Reminds me I should post it soon, I found a holo top coat to wear over it, that made it somewhat better.

  2. I didn't like how lumpy it was, but overall I thought it good.

  3. Awww it's a shame that is has many faults because like you said, it's so pretty!!

    Thanks for the swatch!


  4. Just managed to catch up with all your posts I missed out on! Loved them all =]
    Oh this polish is gorgeous but shame about the faults =/
    I hope you'l try layering it and showing us the results?

  5. How polishes work on people is really interesting to me! I loved this polish, even if it felt a bit gritty to me, and it last three days on me - which is a LONG time in my universe. And I can never use Seche Vite - I swear it chips if I so much as glance in its direction @_@

  6. Awesome polish! And thats so cool that your in a polish team with Kayla Shevonne!

  7. I think im willing to pay 10 bucks for this eventhough its lumpy and bumpy. its just too pretty in the bottle!

  8. I love this polish. I am so glad I bought it!