Friday, September 16, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 16

Hi guys! I have some intense nails to show you today.

I'm sure you've all seen this type of nails floating around the internet - Tribal Nails.
I've always wanted to do tribal nails but never got around to it, until now!

I'll let you imagine on your own how long this sort of thing takes!

I was having a hard time deciding on a color combo, and I was watching some YouTube videos, and I based mine mostly off a design I saw in this video.

The polishes I used are:
China Glaze - Recycle (gray)
Color Club - Warhol (pink)
Color Club - Almost Famous (yellow)
Wet N Wild - Black Creme
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Whirlwind White

I would have liked the pink to show up more pink - but over the gray it looks red. I think pink would have been much cuter! But I guess the red is more tribal-appropriate.

A few posts back, a follower of mine named Gypsy mentioned that she liked seeing photos that aren't as close up to get another idea of how the mani looks.
Whenever I have time/remember to do this, I will! It was a good point. Thank you Gypsy! I hope this photo is the sort of photo you like to see, and I hope I can get some other good ones in the future.

I only have this done on one hand - I don't know how anyone could possibly do it on both! It just takes such a steady hand and so much detail... Yikes!


  1. OMG!! you guys are makin it hard for me to keep my mani because I want to try this so bad! I love the color combo!
    I passed on a blog award to you here's the link:

  2. Rebecca this is amazing! You are so talented. Love love love!

  3. This came out really nice. I love it !

  4. lovely nails.

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  5. It looks great! I love this design!!!!! well done, Rebecca! ;D

  6. Holy cow, that is a lot of work! It looks great

  7. I keep thinking I should try the tribal print, but haven't gotten around to it. Mainly because it looks like it'll take an eternity!

  8. You are so talented!!
    I can't wait to try these out myself, I love tribal patterns :)

  9. These are super cool Rebecca. And yes, I can only imagine how long these take! I love the colour combo you used as well!

  10. These are amazing! Love the color combos!

  11. Love this! The colors are so bright and intense. I love the action photo :D from that picture I can tell that this would be a bit wild but totally wearable. After I do a design I look at it close, then look at it with my arm stretched out and then go into the powder room to see it from a greater distance and in a natural way LOL. All in an attempt to see it 'in action' to see it how others would see it. Maybe I'm just a little odd though :) thank you so much for doing the action shot though it really helps me to get a better 'feel'.

  12. I can only imagine how time consuming this was. I love the color combo you used! I still have a few days before I get to this part of the challenge :)