Thursday, September 1, 2011

august haul

Oh boy, this is a doozy.

Let me start off by saying, yes, I went crazy with polish-buying on vacation, but only because I don't know when I'll have the chance to go away again!
And yeah, I went swap crazy and they all piled up this month. (And 5 of those polishes were a giveaway win.) But I am done with mega swapping for a while.

And then most everything else I bought, was on sale!

Let's do this...
Here is everything I accumulated in August.

OPI - Crown Me Already!

Vacation haul:
Crush - Metal
Crush - Hustle
Crush - Live On
Misa - Dirty Sexy Money
Color Club - Peppermint Twist (mini)
Color Club - Sexy Siren
Zoya - Zara
Zoya - Neeka
Zoya - Dannii
Zoya - Caitlin
Love and Beauty - Light Green
Love and Beauty - Green
Pure Ice - Strip Tease
Essence - Can't Cheat On Me
NYC - Starry Silver Glitter
Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art - Pink Sprinkles
Nails INC - Bloomberry Square
Sephora by OPI - Spark-tacular Topcoat
Sephora by OPI - Ocean Love Potion
H&M - Wawawoom
H&M - Peppermint Fusion
H&M - Pink Paradise
H&M - Berry
H&M - Mustard
H&M - Purple
H&M - Coral
H&M - Petrol

Big nail mail haul - everything that came in the mail for me this month:
Orly - Here Comes Trouble (from Wendy!)
Orly - Bubbly Bombshell (from Tara!)
China Glaze - Grape Crush (from Traci!)
Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors - U33 - (from Ruth!)
Funky Fingers - Melted Popsicle (from Lori!)
Funky Fingers - Baby Baby Baby (from Lori!)
Funky Fingers - Sand and Stilettos (from Lori!)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Night Lights (from Lori!)
Ozotic Pro - 505 (from Amy!)
Zoya - Ivanka (from Rachel!)
Barry M - Blue Moon (from Shel!)
Barry M - Blue Glitter (from Shel!)
Barry M - Cyan Blue (from Shel!)
Barry M - Turquoise (from Shel!)
Barry M - Spring Green (from Shel!)
Barry M - Mint Green (from Shel!)
Barry M - Fuchsia (from Shel!)
Models Own - Magenta Pearl (from Shel!)
Butter London - No More Waity, Katie (from Brie!)
OPI - What's Dune? (from Marcy!)
OPI - OPI On Collins Ave (from Sarah!)
OPI - DS Sapphire (from Sarah!)
China Glaze - IDK (from Sarah!)
L.A. Colors - Sea Siren (from Sarah!)
Finger Paints - Hue Rang? (from Sarah!)
Ulta - Bomb Shell (from Sarah!)
Ulta - After Party (from Sarah!)

CND - Urban Oasis
CND - Teal Sparkle (duo on clearance! $11)
OPI - Parlez-vous OPI? (clearance! $3.99)
OPI - Friar Friar Pants On Fire (clearance! $3.99)

OPI - Yule Love This Silver! (clearance! $4.99)
OPI - Skull and Glossbones  (clearance! $4.99)
Sinful Colors - Pink Ocean (sale! $1.99)
Revlon - Black With Envy (clearance! $2.75)

Nail Art Diva clearance haul (I got ALL 10 of these, plus three plates, for $4.47 total!!):
Nail Art Diva - Antique White
Nail Art Diva - Blood Red
Nail Art Diva - Valentine Violet
Nail Art Diva - Deep Midnight
Nail Art Diva - Bewitching Blue
Nail Art Diva - Shimmering Plum
Nail Art Diva - Ginger Bread
Nail Art Diva - Puppy Love Pink
Nail Art Diva - Winter Night
Nail Art Diva - Wreath Green

Sinful Colors - Pearl Harbour (sale! $1.99!)

Orly - Rock Solid

Okay. So apart from my vacation items, I only paid full price for 2 things.

Total bottles? ...75.
I SUCK. Just a few more polishes and my collection will go over the 500 mark...

I am going to be so much better in September! Just wait and see!
(I won't feel bad about anything I might receive for my birthday, though!)


  1. LOL wow .. massive haul!!! But you really cant pass up sale items so thats acceptable :-P

  2. Huge Haul!!! 75 bottles?? At least you only paid full price for 2 things. :P

  3. This is an amazing haul! I'm sooooo jealous :)

  4. O-M-G. show us nail polish collection!!

    if you're not already following me you could if you want to and i'

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  5. omg! LOL! awesomeness a lot :D i still havent got my package I am hoping it comes soon

  6. Great haul!! Sinful colors isn't usually $1.99 for you?

  7. Holy Wow!!! So many nail polishes!! lol, nice haul :) can't wait to see swatches:)

  8. @Poetic Realist - In my part of Canada they're 3.99 regular, but some places in Canada have them for $7!!!!

  9. Awesome haul! That's awesome! Can't wait to see tons of swatches :)

  10. WOW...that's a lot of polish! I look forward to seeing swatches of all of these!

  11. hahah, girlll you are outta control! But don't feel bad. In the last month in a half I've gotten over 100 so I'm there with you.

  12. Holy F woman, where did you put all them?! Haha nice haul!

  13. Thank you so much for making me feel a little better about myself! I got 30 last month and thought I was bad! LOL

  14. Hahaha I keep telling myself the same thing -- "I totally don't need to buy any polishes for awhile now" -- but then a whole bunch of great colors come out or I see something and BOOM there goes the credit card. Awesome haul!


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