Saturday, September 10, 2011

"how did you do that?!"

Hi everyone! You might have seen this picture earlier today in my post for rainbow nails:

I got a bunch of questions about how I did this and what I used! So instead of answering in the comments, I decided to make a quick post about it.

As far as polishes used, several are from the 2-way nail art pens you get on ebay that I reviewed here.
The red at the top is Milani Red Sparkle.
The first half of the orange is OPI Extra-Va-Va-Ganza.
The second half of the orange is Milani Gold Glitz.
The deep green is Color Club Object of Envy.
The purple is Milani Purple Gleam.
The pink is Hard Candy Fabuluxe.
(Anything else was a 2-way pen.)

To get this rainbow look, I just kept adding small lines of the glitter onto the nail, starting at the top.
You really don't need to be neat - you can blob the lines on messily and it will still look good, the glitter is forgiving.
The only problem is, the end result can end up very thick, and then you might have trouble getting it to dry, even with Seche Vite or a similar product.

After your comments today, I was tempted to try this on my long nails... But then this happened:

Nooooooo!! I don't think I have broken a nail so severely before, and I rarely break the ones on my swatching hand. It basically popped off!
I did it on my car door (as always.) But at least it wasn't too low/painful.
(And yes, I strayed from the challenge for the mani I was wearing, I wanted these again for an event.)

Boo. I have tomorrow's challenge post done already (which is totally dope, by the way) but after tomorrow... Tiny stubby nails!!
But I'm not worried - my nails grow pretty quickly.

Thanks for your interest in my rainbow nail everyone - when my nails grow back and I have enough room for all the colors, I might attempt it on my nails!


  1. I like your snake one and the rainbow one is so fun!

  2. That rainbow nail is so cute! Awwiiee I hate breaking a nail and having to cut my nails to stubs. Good luck on growing em back though. :)

  3. love the rainbow nail, but I was thinking the same thing while I read how you did it with the glitter thickness never drying.

  4. This is exactly the status of my nails too (with the middle nail broken on the swatching hand). I'm miserable :(

  5. I just broke my middle nail on my picture hand too, fail.

  6. Great manis !
    Too bad for your nail )=

  7. Sorry you broke that nail. It will catch up soon. My nails grow fast too.

  8. Your poor nail! :( I love this rainbow design though! It might be a bit loud for a full mani, but it would look cute as an accent nail x

  9. It looks gorgeous, I love glitter. :D

  10. Very Rainbow Brite!! My thumbnails are recent casualties as well :(

  11. Haha I tried this out on my ring looks great!
    Yes me too my thumbs and my index fingers broke off D: