Sunday, September 4, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 4

Good morning, and welcome to Day 4 of my challenge!
I am pleased to be showing you a polish I truly love today, for the theme of Green Nails.

This is Zoya - Ivanka and this was sent to me by a lovely lady named Rachel who I totally adore!
This was my biggest Zoya lemming. Thank you Rachel!

Basically, it is like liquid emeralds on your nails. Beyond gorgeous. I'm staring at my nails as I write this!

It is so glittery and pretty, yet the finish is totally smooth because it is glass-flecked and not actual glitter.

This is from the Sparkle collection, and boy does that collection live up to its name!
I took way too many pictures of this polish so I'm going to show you a bunch!

It flashes a bit turquoise around the edges, and then in the shade you can catch even more of that lovely aqua turquoise shimmer.

In the bottle you can even see a bit of purple and pink! But that wasn't visible on the nail.

It is so glittery that it is almost a foil.

See the aqua?! I just love it.
Thanks again, Rachel!

Day 4 - total win! Hopefully all the rest of the days will be too. :)

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  1. *wipes drool* this is soo gorgeous, green and sparkley i lovvveee it

  2. This is sooo pretty, it looks great on you!

  3. Absolutely Stunning! I want this one!

  4. Gorgeous!! I have been questioning whether I needed both Apple and Ivanka and now I think YES!

  5. this beauty is still on my WL! It looks gorgeous!

  6. It's also my birthday the 13th !

  7. This has taken my breath away. I love love love this color! So gorgeous. Thanks for the awesome swatches.


  8. I am a rare nail-holic in that green polish is not tops on my list of loves. I did get this from Zoya for free when they had a short offer pre=last St. Pat's day prep. I got mine in before they were gone - but they back ordered me so mine came AFTER St. Pat's day. I have not worn it - though maybe next St. Pat's day but might trade mine on MUA - so many love this shade and I could do without - other than it has this amazing sparkle to it that Zoya does so well.

  9. zoya does the most awesome glass flecks!
    charla, mimi, valerie, and this one lives in my <3

  10. this is super pretty and perfect on your gorgeous nails!!! i am soooo glad you love her! she has a happy new home :)

  11. it's so pretty!

    if you're not already following me you could if you want to and i'll follow you back if i'm not following you already

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  12. woow!! perfect green nail polish!!

  13. Ivanka is an awesome green! Now I want to put Ivanka on my nails!

  14. Day 4 is a win! I won this polish in a giveaway. I can't wait to try it!

  15. One of my favorite Zoyas, it never gets old!!