Saturday, September 17, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 17

Ah, glitter. Today's theme is Glitter Nails.

I have a love/hate relationship with glitter.
I own a lot of glitter polishes. But do I wear them often? Not really.

Glitter looks awesome but it has quite a few annoying traits.
1) The removal. Let's not talk about how much fun it is scrubbing your nails for 10 minutes to get off all the glitter. You can use the foil method (tutorial here from Kayla Shevonne) but I just don't like doing it... So I scrub away. Or maybe sometimes possibly pick it off... But as a good nail blogger... Pretend I didn't say that.
2) The clean up. Got some glitter on your cuticles? Good luck getting rid of it. They don't call it "glitter herpes" for nothin'.
3) It is so hard to get even coverage on your tips. Now, not all glitter does this, but the one I'm showing you today does!
4) The wear time. I get mega chips with glitter polish within a day or two. Big chunks just pop right off. Sometimes entire nails just pop off in nail-shaped sheets! Sheesh.

Despite all the faults, I'm still addicted to glitter. So I keep buying it.
In Buffalo, I picked up this little baby:

This is Nails Inc. - Bloomsbury Square, which is from the Special Effects 3D glitter line.

Sephora had just begun carrying Nails Inc. right around the time of my trip so I knew I had to get my hands on at least one!
None of the cremes really wowed me but the glitters were awesome! I wanted all of them (of course) but, my mom was with me at the time, which ultimately meant I had to show some willpower and choose just one.
In typical Rebecca fashion, I picked the purple.

Ah, purple glitter. But not just any purple glitter! There is reddish-fuchsia glitter in there, too. You'll see that better in upcoming pictures.

I was expecting this glitter to be more dense - you're looking at 4 coats, and it needed all 4.
I was hoping that being a "special effect" meant it would be really good, application-wise, but nope.
It did dry pretty quickly though, and was perfectly smooth after one thick coat of Seche Vite.

The application problem I mentioned earlier is slightly visible in this photo. It's hard to get the glitter to adhere properly to the very edge of your nail and for someone crazy like me, it is quite annoying! It looks like your fresh mani has already been wearing off for a few days.

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your right hand with a really large Canon Rebel camera? The button is on the right side of the camera, so you have to get in this awkward contortion so you can reach that button with your left hand... And then somehow get your right hand in front of the camera... And try to strike a nice "pose" ...It ain't happenin'. Sorry.

It sparkles pretty nice in the sunlight! But look at the glitter-free tips :(
(I didn't have my polish bottle close to me for these outdoor pics, so I held my OPI AvoJuice. Good stuff.)

Here is where you can see the difference in the colors of glitter. It's pretty unique, I don't think I own many glitters that are mostly one color with a pop of a larger, contrasting glitter.
Me likey.
Me wanty the other colors...

These polishes retail for $9.50 at Sephora in the states and I believe $12 in Canada.
Pricey, but not horribly so. Acceptable.

Are you wondering what else is coming up in the challenge? Here is a reminder...

What are you most looking forward to?


  1. Sparkley purple = greatest thing in life :-)

  2. I love anything glittery, it's so nice.

  3. The removal alone is reason enough for me to hardly ever use the stuff. Which is such a bloody pain coz I'm such a glitter gal. :(

  4. i can't wait to see all the looks you create from stuff that inspires you :)

  5. Glitters are super hard to remove!! But that polish is gorgeous!And I know what you mean about taking pictures with your left hand! I have a pretty heavy camera..

  6. I love (hungry) glitters but I would never wear them if the foil method didn't exist!! It's so quick & easy, everybody should use it! :-)

  7. It's a gorgeous polish! You just mentioned all the reason why I hate wearing glitter polishes even though I love them!

  8. This polish is gorgeous! & I can't wait to see what you're going to do for your half-moons!

  9. I've found that sponging on the glitter makes it more dense, but with a thinner layer. That way it doesn't pop off!

  10. OHHH, pretty glitter! I have a love for glitter. I can't get enough of it.
    I have been in love with half moons lately so I hope to see yours soon!

  11. That is an incredible polish! I've been having trouble painting my nails WITHOUT glitter lately! I have to force myself to do it. Ugh. lol

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