Thursday, September 29, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 29

Another buzzer-beater challenge post from me!
Truly I almost gave up today, on day 29.
See, I had 2 tests today in school, so I got up, studied, went to school. No nails. Came home, went to supper with my parents who recently got home from Las Vegas (with a HUGE polish haul for me!)
And then I got home, showered, and really didn't want to change my nails.
...But I did. I can't be a quitter!

Today's theme is Inspired by the Supernatural.
Now this can mean lots of things - ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc. But for me, the word supernatural means one thing and one thing only...

Ah, the Winchester boys.

Supernatural Season 6 came out on my birthday and I spent 3 days last week rewatching the whole thing! And season 7 just started! But I haven't gotten a chance to watch the new episode yet - it's waiting on my PVR!

For this mani I took inspiration from the show's title frame in season 6.

Glass breaks really loudly which can sometimes scare you if you are really interested in the show... Like me...
(And by "really interested" I mean "overwhelmingly obsessed.")

I used Wet N Wild Black Creme as the base and I stamped from BM-208/painted the name with Color Club Lumin-icecent from the Foiled Collection! (That's something mommy brought me from Vegas! I'll show a picture of my haul at the end of the post.)

The Foiled polishes are super shimmery metallic and just did NOT want to cooperate with my camera. It just would not focus properly... Too blingy! So sorry for the crappy photos. (And the crappy mani... This was so rushed!)

Considering how bad my mani sucks today I'm going to point you in the direction of my friend Sarah from Chalkboard Nails who did the cutest ghost mani EVER today. Ever. Click here to see it.
Do you have a glow in the dark polish from this season? Check it out... You will run to your stash and do this immediately! 

Just 2 more days left in the challenge... Let's hope I find the time to do something nice for those!


  1. wow I am so jealous of your goodies from vegas!

  2. Amazing polish's! And I love your mani!!

  3. SLIPPERS!!! AHH!!!! Oh right, the mani. CUTE! Man, I wish my parents would randomly bring me polishes from their travels! :D

  4. supernatural! love watching that too and yes the glass shatter at the beginning startles me sometimes haha great mani!

  5. SO glad you didn't give up! You would have been pissed at yourself tomorrow! This looks great.

  6. The design looks awesome!! I love such tiny letters you wrote:D I love HK too and they look sooo cute on you~xD

  7. Love the slippers! Not quite cool enough here to wear them - but I need a new pair of something this winter. I wore double wool socks in the house all last winter. I need something I can slip on and run to the out door mail box - so maybe dirt colored slippers would be the best for me! What a great gift from LV/Mom!!! I miss my mom sooooo much! Don't be so hard on yourself for today's mani - it's what was in your heart that counts.

  8. I like this mani, I love supernatural and I super love Castiel!

  9. OMG!!! I need Hello Kitty Slippers, love love love!!!

  10. haha love it!

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  11. You officially rock for doing a Supernatural mani! I seriously love it! Ah, another Supernatural fan, gotta love that!

  12. Wow, that is a FANTASTIC haul from your parents! Amazing!!

  13. I love the shattered glass! I think you did a great job! And that is an awesome Vegas Haul! I need to meet your mom! LOL. My brother brought me all of the Island Girl polishes except for the dark blue one - that looks so pretty!