Sunday, June 19, 2011

500 follower giveaway winner!

Good morning guys!

Before I announce the winner I just want to say a big thank you to all of you for entering. I can't believe I'm only 9 followers away from 900. And I've only been doing this for 5 months! It's really crazy.
Thank you everyone!
I guess it's time to start planning my 1000 followers giveaway! Haha.

Now, in this giveaway I had 451 individual people enter, plus 190 facebook fans who all got an entry. Including all the second, third, and fourth entries that some people got, there was a total of 1203 entries! That's a lot!

Now for the fun part.

The lucky winner is.....

I remember when I was making my sheet with all the names I thought "666, that's gonna be unlucky!"
And then 665 was the winner. Haha!
Natalie aka heartNAT also has a blog that you should check out. I hope to see her post about her winnings someday in the future ;)
(But it will be somewhat delayed because of the current postal strike in Canada. It looks like I'll be able to send it out as early as Friday, hopefully.)

I've already contacted Natalie and she has responded!

Thanks everyone for entering!
Later today I'm going to post the results of the question I asked in my form - What's your favorite nail polish?
It interests me to see what people have said so hopefully it interests you too!

Oh, and I have a tip for your own giveaways.
About halfway through this giveaway I saw a MUCH better idea for adding in second/third/etc entries. Instead of typing them all up as I did above, you add them into the spreadsheet you get on Google Docs.
Like so:
(click to enlarge)

You type the entries that person has into the next free cell. Of course this only works if you've used a form.
I started doing this around entry 700 and it went soooooo much faster than typing them all out.
I got this idea from Polish Infatuated. When she announced her giveaway winner she showed a part of her spreadsheet and I saw that and said "EUREKA!"


  1. Lol, that is a good idea! That's what I'm doing for my next giveaway. Congratulations to the winner!

  2. Congratulations to Natalie! :D

    And wow at the spreadsheet idea- this is going to save me so much time in totaling up my entries haha! Oh, and i also tagged you for the Top 10 Award! You've probably already been tagged, but i figured i might as well tag you again! :)

  3. Cooooongratts!!! :) You luck girl, I wanted that franken so badly. *sigh* :D

  4. Aw congrats to Natalie! =]
    And great spreadsheet idea! Also congrats to you too for the followers! You really deserve them all =]
    Btw, you have an award from me on my page =]

  5. Congratulations Natalie you lucky duck! :D

  6. Congrats to the winner! :) that was sooo close!

  7. Congrats!!!!! :D
    Is it wrong that I am excited just to actually be listed on that screenshot?? *feels loved*

  8. Yay! Thanks for the giveaway Rebecca and thanks everyone for not hating me lol. I'm such a HUGE fan of your blog and I can't wait to try the infamous 'Rebecca Likes Cupcakes!'

    @Claire: LOL! I know right, being in the screenshot makes me feel like a star or something <3