Thursday, June 16, 2011

Color Club - Poptastic Collection - swatches and review

Hi guys! This is my final Color Club set. I now have swatched all of my Color Club polishes, which includes 5 sets and 2 single polishes!
Here are the ones I've shown you already:
Collections: Untamed Luxury: Every Shade of Indulgence, Wild At Heart, Catwalk Queen, Starry Temptress.
Single shades: Worth The Risque, Uptown Girl.

This was my first Color Club set and is still my favorite.

Four of my sets came from Winners last year when they had some for $12.99, and Starry Temptress I bought online for around $32 (and that was a "half off" sale.)

It seriously depresses me that I can't get these online anywhere for less than $60. Canadian shipping should not be so ridiculous.
(There is a site that sells them in Canada so shipping is often free, but the sets retail for $55 there. That is over double the price they retail for on American sites! That is unfair. Not to mention the price you can get them for at places like Ross in the states. I bought Starry Temptress from that site when they were on sale, but that still was much more than I wanted to pay.)

I would pretty much buy every single set if I could. I'm hoping to find more when I go away this summer.

There are many other colors in the Poptastic collection that aren't in the 7-piece set, and I would love to have them all, but again, the sites that carry them do not ship to Canada for a reasonable price.

I mentioned yesterday that I had found a yellow polish that I actually love. Well, here it is.

Almost Famous. Perfect yellow. Bright, but not neon. Liquefied yellow crayons. 3 coats.
I actually liked having this on my nails and I look forward to wearing it sometime soon.
Who would have thought I'd actually want to wear a yellow?!

Wham! Pow! Neon orange. This did not change my mind on orange the way the last one changed my mind on yellow.
This is the only color from the set that I don't really like very much. 3 coats.
For orange lovers, I am sure this is a win.

Poptastic. The cutest neon pink around. 3 coats.
I have worn this before as a full manicure and I love it. The formula is much better on this one than other neon pinks I own. I think this is a must have if you like neons, or if you like pink!

Warhol. Automatically I like this polish because I love Andy Warhol. I have 8 Warhol prints. (I'll add a picture of them after the swatches!)
This one needed 4 coats to cover my nail line, but still applied as well as the others. Hot hot pink!

Pucci-Licious. Blue-toned purple creme. This one is a 2-coater!
This one is a bit hard to capture in photos but I managed to capture it:

On my screen, that picture is completely accurate. I was holding my nails up to the screen to find the right match. Haha!
This one is my favorite from the collection and I use it quite often.

Twiggie. This is not your typical bright green as it is a lighter green than we usually see. This one was a 2-coater for me as well.
Cute color, fun to wear.

Chelsea Girl. Blue creme. This one is the thinnest of all the colors and is still a bit sheer at 4 coats.
The shade of blue is really nice and isn't exactly like anything other blue creme I have.

Well there you have it, my favorite Color Club set. I saved the best for last.
I think all these colors are fun to wear and great for summer. (Or winter.)
While I wouldn't wear the orange, I'm sure orange lovers would be happy to.

I know some people were turned off of the Starry Temptress set because they said the colors looked too similar to those from Electro Candy and Poptastic.
5 of the colors are very similar to Poptastic colors, but of course they are totally different with the glitter.
I took some comparison photos.

Starry Temptress does not have a yellow, and the purple colors are very different.

Poptastic, Space Case, Warhol, Ultra-Astral.
The lighter pinks are close but not the same shade, but the darker ones are basically the exact same shade.

Twiggie, Glitter Envy, Chelsea Girl, Otherworldly, Wham!, Pow!, You Got Soul-ar.
Twiggie is lighter than its glittery sister, the blues are basically identical, and the oranges are close but not exact.

While yes, some of the colors are very similar, I think you need both because the cremes are so awesome and the glitters are so awesome! Haha.

That is all for me and Color Club.
Hopefully soon I'll have more sets to swatch for you :)

Now, as promised above, here is my Warhol wall!

Enlarge the photo to see them better.
A bunch of the polishes kinda match the prints! Hehe.

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  1. I've been lemming those neons for a while. You just made it that much worse. I'll begin my internet search for them soon. Hopefully i can get a good deal. :)

    1. And here it is 2+ years later and I finally bought the set at Burke's Outlet earlier today. Lol better late than never I suppose.

  2. Lovely colors! I like your Warhol wall too.

  3. That yellow is fantastic! It looks like sunshine :P

  4. Love Pucci-Licious - such a pain to photograph!

  5. That's such a bummer that those are so expensive there :( These colors are all beautiful though!

  6. I just did a Pucci-licious post and could not, for the life of me, get it colour-accurate. Kudo's on getting!

    Wham! Pow! burns my retina's in the most pleasant way. I'm slightly addicted to orange which is the strangest thing.

    Your wall is killer. LOVE!

  7. i just looked at this today! do you love winners or what? 7 polishes for $13, how amazing is that? mine also had the alter ego set (bought) and the starry temptress for the same price, but i'm not a fan of neons.
    lovely blog, btw. i'm a tumblr user so i never comment, but i absolutely follow :)

  8. You get automatically 100,000 cool points for liking Warhol. :D He's one of my favorite artists.

  9. I have been looking for a good yellow. I tried on an OPI one, which reminded me of mustard... I think I'll try this one out too haha. Thanks for sharing!

    Rebecca, I'm glad you are able to enjoy the Lovemode coupon you won from my giveaway. :) I really appreciate you dropping me a note!

  10. I have been trying to hunt this set down, but have had no luck. The Ross stores by me usually have these for around $'s terrible that they are so expensive for you. :(

  11. Such pretty colors! I'll have to start looking harder for Color Club since I haven't been able to find any in Michigan :-(.

    PS-I went to the Warhol Museum this spring and loved it! If you are ever in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you should def go!

  12. hahah, now I can see how close the colors of both sets really are..but I am still glad I got them!

  13. Thank goodness for your post! Our local TK Maxx had these on offer, me and a number of friends bought them and had no clue about the names, but you saved the day =D xo

  14. Wow those are bright. Love the twiggy green

  15. I know I am a little late to this party. But I just got this set at TJMaxx for $10 but was bummed when I got home to see that there were no stickers on the bottles with the color names so I am glad you posted them for me.
    If you still wanted to get a set, there was one left and I would be happy to go back this week and get it and mail it to you in Canada. I don't think shipping would be too bad from US to Canada. I used to date a guy in Toronto who mailed me goodies all the time.
    Just let me know if you want me to get it. I can check on shipping costs if I hear from you. I just checked to get an idea and if it is 2# then it would be about $15 to ship and $20 if it is 3#. I don't have a little scale at home but do have one at work.
    Love your site. Been a follower on bloglovin for a long time. Cheers