Saturday, June 4, 2011

rebecca likes nails is on facebook!

Hi guys! I finally decided to make a fanpage for my blog today on Facebook.
I've wanted to for a while but never got around to it until recently when I saw people saying they did not follow blogs without a Facebook because it was too difficult to keep up.
I don't want to make it hard for anyone to stay up to date, so now I have a page! And hopefully I'll be able to interact with more of you and it will be easier to contact me.

You can click here to go to my page, and please like it!
Once I have 25 likes I can make a URL for it, I believe.

I'm working on setting up a like button and a live feed for my sidebar - but it might take me a few days to figure it out. Haha.

Have you entered my giveaway? It ends in 2 weeks!
If you like my facebook page - I'll add you in for another entry! Even if you don't follow via GFC, like me on facebook, and you'll be entered. (I will add all my facebook followers into my spreadsheet once the giveaway closes.)


  1. I'm your tenth "like"!
    I didn't think people wouldn't follow your blog if you don't have a facebook, seems a bit weird to me if I'm honest :/ Oh well, I'm sure you'll soon have lots and lots of people liking your page!

  2. I'm your 23rd like! Ans thanks for the extra entry!