Monday, June 6, 2011

my new favorite polish technique: glitter sandwich

Good morning! Happy Monday!
This is a happy Monday for me because blink-182 tickets go on sale today. Well, pre-sale.
So I am happy yet also VERY STRESSED.
I'm at work! So I am relying on internet from other stores. I'm closing the store for a half hour, 15 minutes before the presale starts. Lol. I am not letting customers stop me from getting tickets!! (I am a good manager, hehe)

Tickets go on sale in about 3.5 hours. Not all the dates are on Ticketmaster yet. Only about half of them are showing up. (Which of course does not include my date.)
But I'm hopeful. New dates keep showing up every few minutes. They just need to get it done before 10:00AM Pacific!
Stressin'. (But also so excited.)

Okay, on to the nails!
These are some freakin cute nails I have to show you today.

After the success of my franken, Rebecca Likes Cupcakes, I realized I wanted to make one in green too.
But I didn't have any more supplies. And then it dawned on me.
I will make a glitter sandwich.

But, you may ask, how does a glitter sandwich work?
Well, dear readers, you put a layer of glitter polish between layers of a sheer or jelly polish. Like so:

So. Awesome. This is Milani Gems.
So cute and colorful and not harsh like the glitter is on it's own over light colors.

It's still nice without the sandwich... but so much better after.

So cute. Now I need sheer polishes in every color to keep doing this effect.
The color I'm using here is Essie's Turquoise and Caicos. I'm not sure if I just have a bad bottle, but it seriously took 5 coats for opacity.

That picture is 4 coats and it is still streaky as you can see. I left it streaky because I knew I would be adding another coat after the glitter.

For fun, I buried the glitter even further to see what that would look like.

It's still cool but I prefer only one coat on top of the glitter.

Next time I try this, I think I'll do 2 coats of color, one glitter, one color, one glitter, one color. That way there will be two levels of glitter and it will have more depth.

Love this so much. Try it out guys!

Oh, and I noticed that Turquoise and Caicos is like the non-"dirty" version of OPI's Mermaids Tears.

Mermaids Tears has that darker, murky, "dirty" quality to it while Turquoise and Caicos is just vibrant.
I like both but I'm not sure if I needed both.

Now I'm back to worrying about tickets. I'll let you guys know in my next post how I do :)


  1. I'm gonna have to try this! It gives a really cool looking effect. :)

  2. I was looking forward to this post after you commented on my version of it. You didn't disappoint. Love the base colour! :)

  3. Good luck getting your tickets! I totally know how stressful it is to rely on the Internet for things so important, i did that for Taylor Swift tickets and nearly dies while the pages were loading... :P

    Cute mani, i love that technique it really softens the glitter

  4. That's a good idea! And it really looks good :)

  5. That looks amazing with the layer of color OVER the glitter! I'd not have thought to do that, but it really tones it down and as you said...its not nearly as harsh. I'm going to have to try out this technique now!

  6. I love glitter sandwiches they make the glitter much more wearable. You dont have a bad bottle mine takes the same amount of coats! Its such a pretty color but such a pain to work with.

  7. Love! I'm going to have to try this =)

  8. nice effect, i'll try this one soon

  9. I hope you got the tickets!

    I love the end result, it looks great.

  10. this is great! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I love this mani. I'll have to try a glitter sandwich soon. It really makes it less in-your-face but still noticeable.

  12. I haven't had any luck with glitter sammies. I'm going to try this Essie combo though!

  13. awesome idea...look really good! :)

  14. Like I tell my husband... u can never have too many colors no matter how close they are!

  15. I love this!! My bottle of T&C takes at least 5 coats for opacity as well... I am so trying this but with WnW Party of Five Glitters since I don't have gems! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  16. Love this technique, I'll have to try it some time. But first I need a nice chucky glitter.

  17. Ooooh I want Milani gems so bad! Great mani! Adore!