Friday, June 10, 2011

Gosh - Holographic - swatch and review and video!

Hi guys!! Exciting post today.
Gosh Holo!

I got this polish from Martje. She is awesome. I also got the special base coat, Fix Base Coat. It is supposed to help with the application and make it more long lasting.
The base coat takes longer to dry than I would like but I can deal.
Holographic is very deceiving in the bottle, it just looks like a silver polish. But that is certainly not the case at all.

This was done really quickly because I wanted to catch the sun before it went away. But it pretty much did go away before I got outside to snap the photos. However, I discovered that the lights on the range of my stove are basically little suns that I can use whenever I please. Haha!
So despite it being cloudy outside, I have awesome pictures to show you.
(But I will absolutely be wearing this again soon as a full manicure and I will try to get more/better photos.)

There is a smudge on my ring finger but I couldn't see it until after I looked at the photos/video. (Yes, there is a video.)

This is 2 coats of Holographic. My camera flash does not bring out the best in this one as it does in some others. But the stove light... Oh my.
There are really no words for this polish, so I will just show you the pictures.

Those were from the camera flash. Now for the stove light.


Oh my GOSH, right?!
I just love it when the whole nail is a rainbow.
It's too cool.
And now for the video:


I admit, I wasn't holo-crazy at first, I didn't really get the hype. But lately I have been bitten by the holo bug and I wish I had more! Haha.

I will be showing you this again in the coming weeks, whenever we finally get actual sun for more than 2 minutes.
And I won't be so rushed next time because my mind won't be half concentrated on my melmer decorating project! I'm about to go check if my test drawer worked well.
If it did, you can expect a post on pretty melmers soon :)

I feel like this post was all over the place. Sorry!


  1. wooow what a cool holo-effect! and yes, the stove light really brings it out! :D and the video is great, too...oh my gosh what a rainbow on your nails :D:D I´m in love :P

    Rainbow brain mush. WANT. can't. articutlate.

  3. that is a drool-worthy holo! LoL

  4. I hate you for this! You just my biggest lemming even worse!

  5. OMG!! Grooling! **Wipes mouth** You took absolutely beautiful pictures of GOSH holo! I wanna run home and grab my bottle for my nails now. I unfortunely dont have the fix base coat so its its a little tought to apply. Have to be very careful between coats.

  6. I am absolutely jealous! That is beautiful!

  7. Haha i said that too about this polish (oh my GOSH)

  8. Awesome! I love silver holos, they're so simple but so amazing.

  9. i've also been bitten by the holo bug =)
    i love this polish!! your pictures are beautiful. i have this and have yet to wear it. silly as it sounds i'm scared to open it because i don't want to waste any of the polish LOL

  10. BAH! SO JEALOUS! I'm going to have to find a swap partner so I can get my hands on this!

  11. thats the best polish ive every had!! theres no way to concentrate at work or study when i have this polish on. so pretty!

  12. I have this polish too! It is sooooo gorgeous but a right bitch to apply! Well worth the effort though as it really is like nothing else

  13. The holo is so freaking gorgeous . I just want to eat it .

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