Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OPI - DS Original - swatch and review and comparison

Hi everyone! Exciting swatch today :)

We got some sun today so it was holo time. (Despite the sun, it is still FREEZING. First of June, wearing my winter coat.)

Luuuuuuuuv this polish. I took a million pictures.

I bought this on ebay, and with shipping to Canada it came to $23. I felt guilty for spending so much on one polish but I did it to try and cheer myself up after my crappy few weeks.
It came in the original box which I thought was cool!

So much rainbow trying to escape the bottle! Haha.

And so much rainbow on the nails.
DS Original is a linear holo, but it is a bit scattered.

I'm so in love.

Holo pic spam is always good.

As always I used both my cameras to capture the right color.
The above pictures is more color accurate than the others.
My SLR likes to capture true colors while my point-and-shoot gets the holo better.

This is 4 coats.

Anyone know what polish would be good underwear for this so it wouldn't take 4 coats?

That's what it looks like out of the sun.

I had heard that topcoat dulls holo polishes, so I put Seche Vite on my middle and pinky fingers to test that idea.

I couldn't really see a difference.

I'll probably use SV when I wear this. The difference is negligible if not non-existent.

You might remember that recently I swatched Milani 3D Hi-Res. I mentioned that it seemed very similar to DS Original and that I would do a comparison. Here it is! Hi-Res is on my middle finger and pinky.

Hi-Res is more scattered and also has silver glitter.

The above photo is color accurate. As you can see, they are very close in color.

I had my purple wheels nearby and realized that these are also similar to China Glaze's Gamer Glam from the Tronica collection.

All similar shades of purple, but they all have different holo effects.

Overall, I'm so in love with this polish. It's sheer but not hard to apply, I had no dragging issues.
Topcoat doesn't seem to dull it. Just a really special polish.

I bought it from this listing on ebay. The seller still has 9 left, and he has already sold a bunch. I have no idea how he has so many, but it is legit.
It doesn't have the serial number engraved in it or embedded in the bottom of the bottle, but I'm guessing that is just the way the older DS polishes are.
I can't see how this would be fake, it's too perfect.


In other news, I just bought these awesome shoes:

Hello Kitty Vans. I love it when my favorite things come together!
Last night a girl on Polish-aholics Anonymous on facebook posted a picture of her nails with these shoes, and I needed to have them.
After some googling, I discovered they were set to release online today. But they only ship to the states.
So I contacted my mom's friend in the states, and now they are on the way to her, and then she is going to bring them home to me later in June. Perfect! :)
They were 60 bucks and change, shipping and tax included, but I don't mind paying that for sneakers that I am in love with. There are more HK styles too. Check them out on

Oh, and, it's June! Which means my trip starts this month! Haha. Excited!

Also, I've just updated my stash/swatch list - I added a diamond (♦) to the end of polishes that work excellent for stamping. :) I hope that is helpful!


  1. Gorgeous polish!
    I want these shoes!!

  2. hahaha the shoes are rly cute! I love Kitty :)

  3. Awesome polish! And awww those shoes are too cute!!

  4. A-mazing! love the holo! =)

  5. Everything about this post made me smile. Hello Kitty Vans were the icing on the cake!

  6. I love love love the polish!

  7. Ohhh man that is beautiful, it makes me sad that all of the DS polishes are not holo because I have a couple of them but neither are as gorgeous as this one.

  8. Holo crap! It's so awesome, the holoness! You totally deserved it. And the Vans rock! I'm a big Vans-fan myself, with 15 pair or so bought in the last 8 years hahah

  9. The polish is beautiful.. and the SHOES or to die for!!! I love hello kitty!!!!!

  10. Awsomeness. I thought I'd do a post this morning before reading blogs (you know so I actually did it, instead of getting distracted). I had to smile when I saw your DS Original post in the reader...I just posted my DS Original pics!

    Talks about great minds.

    Also highly awesome shoes.

  11. I love this nail polish, it's fantastic! And zomg Hello Kitty shoes! They are so adorable!!!

  12. Yay! I'm glad you got the super cute shoes too! We are awesome! Btw just got all the stuff to try and make your franken today!!!

  13. thanks everyone! i can't wait for the shoes to come <3

    @Jane, 13 pairs! wow. i have 5 pairs of checkered slip ons, and now these HK authentics. and i've had a few others before too.

    @ame, awesome! i've seen 4 posts of it today i think, haha!

    @Samarium, i didn't know that was you! yay shoes :D and yay franken :D

  14. :D Yep! I am testing my franken of your franken now haha hopefully it will look similar!

    * It looks like it kindof I think i added too much glitter so I guess i should add more clear, then probably more white and purple lol I will put a pic on PAA and you should tell me what you think! I added WnW party of five glitter, but also added ulta PYY & milani gems, I didn't want to use a ton of just one so i used a little of them all LOL

  15. hahaha i know what you mean about not wanting to use too much of one. i used up 2 bottles of PO5G between 5 bottles of franken. and i used up my entire bottle of color club 0-60 topcoat!
    it was kinda sad but worth it for all the frankens to go around!

  16. Both the polish and the shoes are amazing! :D