Sunday, June 19, 2011

favorite polish results!

Hi guys! I have tallied up the results for everyone's favorite polish! There were 365 votes in total.
Some people said brands that I hadn't heard of and couldn't find on Google so I didn't include those.

1. Nfu-Oh - 61 (8 votes!)
2. Rebecca Likes Cupcakes (7 votes! I think people said this for brownie points! Haha!)
3. China Glaze - For Audrey (6 votes)

Five people voted for each of the following polishes:
Gosh – Holographic
Nubar – 2010
OPI – Black Shatter
OPI - DS Original
OPI – Teenage Dream

Four people each:
China Glaze – Ruby Pumps
Deborah Lippmann – Across the Universe
OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark
OPI - Mermaids Tears
OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques!
Orly - Space Cadet

Three people each:
China Glaze – DV8
China Glaze – Dorothy Who?
China Glaze – LOL
China Glaze – OMG
Clarins – 230
Deborah Lippmann – Happy Birthday
Essie – Coat Azure
OPI – Absolutely Alice
OPI – My Private Jet
OPI – Russian Navy
OPI – Stranger Tides
OPI – What’s With The Cattitude?

Two people each:
Barry M – Pink Flamingo
China Glaze – 108 Degrees
China Glaze – Fairy Dust
China Glaze – Flip Flop Fantasy
China Glaze – Frostbite
China Glaze – Midnight Mission
China Glaze – TTYL
Deborah Lippmann – Glitter In The Air
Essence – Choose Me!
Essie – Mint Candy Apple
Essie – Turquoise and Caicos
Essie – Watermelon
Gosh – Gasoline
Joe Fresh – Twilight
Misa – Office Polish-tics
OPI – Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie
OPI – Austin-Tatious Turquoise
OPI – I’m Not Really A Waitress
OPI – Mad As A Hatter
OPI - Not Like The Movies
OPI – Suzi Says Feng Shui
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Hidden Treasure
Wet N Wild Fast Dry – Hannah Pinktana

(Just for fun, I'll include all the one-vote polishes after the jump.)

The most popular brands?
OPI - 95
China Glaze - 59
Essie - 26
Zoya - 16
Deborah Lippmann - 12
Nfu-Oh - 11
Orly - 11
Sally Hansen - 10

I wonder if this is interesting to anyone but me!

American Apparel – Echo Park
Asos – Chloe
BB Couture – Kelly Green
BB Couture – Poison Ivy
Barry M – Dusky Mauve
Barry M – Raspberry
Butter London – Henley Regatta
Catrice – Poison Me Poison You
Catrice – Raspberry Fields Forever
Catrice – Sold Out Forever
Chanel – Nouvelle Vague
Chanel – Paradoxal
Chelsea – Vintage Blue
China Glaze – Agent Lavender
China Glaze – Atlantis
China Glaze – Black Mesh
China Glaze – FYI
China Glaze – Gamer Glam
China Glaze – Heli-yum
China Glaze – He’s Going In Circles
China Glaze – Ingrid
China Glaze – Lemon Fizz
China Glaze – Light As Air
China Glaze – Lubu Heels
China Glaze – Millennium
China Glaze – Naughty and Nice
China Glaze – Party Hearty
China Glaze – Peachy Keen
China Glaze – Pool Party
China Glaze – Purple Panic
China Glaze – Recycle
China Glaze – Reggae To Riches
China Glaze – Sea Spray
China Glaze – Shower Together
China Glaze – Strawberry Fields
China Glaze – Swing Baby
China Glaze – Treehugger
China Glaze – Zombie Zest
Claires – 40
Color Club – Fashion Addict
Color Club – Pucci-Licious
Color Club – Revvvolution
Color Club – Wild And Willing
Color Club – Wild At Heart
Cult Nails – Living Water
Deborah Lippmann – Call Me Irresponsible
Deborah Lippmann – Naked
Deborah Lippmann – Ruby Red Slippers
Dior – Pink Putty
Dior – Silk Roses
Elianto – Turquoise
Essence – Irreplaceable
Essence – Just Shout!
Essence – Late At Night
Essence – Ready To Be Bitten
Essence – Undead
Essence – Where Is The Party?
Essie – Absolutely Shore
Essie – Bright Tights
Essie – Chinchilly
Essie – Dive Bar
Essie – Fiji
Essie – Fishnet Stockings
Essie – French Affair
Essie – Jazz
Essie – Lilacism
Essie – Marshmellow
Essie – Mod Square
Essie – Nice is Nice
Essie – Peach Daquiri
Essie – Pink Parka
Essie – Sand Tropez
Essie – Sexy Divide
Essie – Smooth Sailing
Estee lauder – Surreal Violet
Eyeko – Cosmic Polish
Finger Paints – Art You Wondering?
Finger Paints – Hue Left A Message?
GOSH – Black Passion
GOSH – Blue Monday
H&M – Blue My Mind
H&M – U Must Have This
Inglot – 203
Inglot – 970
Ink by Dennis Knudsen - Pearl Platinum
IsaDora – Vintage Mint
Joe Fresh – Mallard
KIKO - Aqua Paillettes Sparkle Touch #270
KIKO – n339
L.A. Colors – Jewel Tone
Lancome – Le Magnetique
Love & Beauty – Royal
Make Up Stores – Jenny
Max Factor – Diva Coral
Maybelline Colorama – Pink Opal
Maybelline – Coral Chic
Maybelline – Punky Orange
Milani 3D – Cyberspace
Milani – Blue Flash
Milani – Gems
Milani – Red Sparkle
Misa – Dirty Sexy Money
Models Own – Orangeade
Models Own – Pink Punch
NYC – Uptown
NYX – Algae
NYX – Fairy Dust
Nails Inc – Jermyn Street
Nfu-OH- #40
Nfu-Oh - #51
Nfu-Oh - #64
Nicole by OPI Nic’s Sticks – Silver-ella
Nicole by OPI – Count On Me
Nicole by OPI – It Starts With Me
Nicole by OPI – OMB!
Nicole by OPI – Really Really Red
Nubar – Brilliant
Nubar – Diamont
Nubar – Pasadena Purple
Nubar – Reclaim
OPI – Ate Berries In The Canaries
OPI – Blue Moon Lagoon
OPI – Bring On The Bling
OPI – Catch Me In Your Net
OPI – Cha Ching Cherry
OPI – Chapel of Love
OPI – DS Extravagance
OPI – DS Glamour
OPI – DS Mystery
OPI – DS Reserve
OPI – DS Signature
OPI – Deeply In Love
OPI – Do You Lilac It?
OPI – Done Out In Dec
OPI – Extra-Va-Va-Ganza
OPI – Gargantuan Green Grape
OPI – Glow Up Already
OPI – Green-wich Village
OPI – Honeymoon Sweet
OPI – Jade Is The New Black
OPI – Japanese Rose Garden
OPI – La Paz-itively Hot
OPI – La Paz-itively Hot (Matte)
OPI – Meet Me On The Star Ferry
OPI – Nantucket Mist
OPI – Over the Taupe
OPI – Planks A Lot
OPI – Red My Fortune Cookie
OPI – Rumple’s Wiggin
OPI – Shorts Story
OPI – Silver Shatter
OPI – Sparkle-icious
OPI – Steady As She Rose
OPI – Take The Stage
OPI – We’ll Always Have Paris (Suede)
OPI – Who The Shrek Are You?
OPI – William Tell Me About OPI
Orly – Ancient Jade
Orly – Bubbly Bombshell
Orly – Fancy Fuchsia
Orly – Galaxy Girl
Orly – Halley’s Comet
Orly – Here Comes Trouble
Orly – Oh Cabana Boy
Pure Ice – Strapless
Rescue Beauty Lounge – Scrangie
Revlon – Minted
Revlon – Not So Blueberry
Revlon – Plum Seduction
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Sky High
Rimmel I Lasting Finish Fruities - Lemon Drop
Risqué – Renda
Risqué – Malícia
Risqué – Pink Fluor
Sally Hansen HD – Lite
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Lightening
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Mauve It
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Raspberry Race
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Bubble Gum Pink
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Power Pink
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Rockstar Pink
Sally Hansen – Royal Red Chrome
Sephora by OPI – Already Famous
Sephora by OPI – Metro Chic
Sinful Colors – Cream Pink
Sinful Colors – Dream On
Sinful Colors – Forever Pink
Sinful Colors – Let’s Talk
Sinful Colors – Mint Apple
Sinful Colors – Nail Junkie
Sinful Colors – Why Not?
The Face Shop – Fuchsia
Wet N Wild – Denim Chrome
Zoya – Ali
Zoya – Apple
Zoya – Astra
Zoya – Charla
Zoya – Crystal
Zoya – Faye
Zoya – Gemma
Zoya – Gloria
Zoya – Indigo
Zoya – Kelly
Zoya – Kimmy
Zoya – Lo
Zoya – Mimi
Zoya – Reva
Zoya – Tallulah
Zoya – Tiffany

That's all, folks. (P.S. This didn't take near as long as you probably think. I'm not crazy, I swear.)


  1. i like anything holo. I can't choose just one.. Then you throw in the glitters and I'd never find a favorite!

  2. aw.. sad im the only one who loves recycle!

  3. Ive voted for KIKO - Aqua Paillettes Sparkle Touch #270 but I love so many of this list!!
    Very cool!

  4. This interests me too! I love seeing things like this! I'm glad Orly Space Cadet was one of the top ones!

  5. This is awesome! Thanks so much for putting this together

  6. wow, i'm kind of surprised by these results! i definitely though essie basically owned the nail polish market, but i was wrong. these are such interesting findings.

    xo katie elizabeth

  7. If only Nfu Oh were readily available (as in Transdesign or 8ty8beauty), it probably would have dominated the entire poll... probably... well.. it would have taken my vote... but i dont have one.. haha... :(

  8. That's totally awesome :P And there's too many favorites to name haha!

  9. This is super interesting!
    Can't remember what I wrote though :-|
    Probably Clarins 230 ;)

  10. Yay Teenage Dream made it! <3 Haha it's interesting to me too.

  11. I like how almost everyone had they're own favorite Not all
    One or few polishes.