Thursday, June 30, 2011

june haul

Hi guys!
I'm already in Montreal by now, almost on my way to Ottawa - but I've scheduled this post and some others so you don't miss me too much while I am gone!

Obviously I won't be able to reply to comments or many emails, but I promise I will answer all questions and emails when I get back, on the 6th of July.

I'm sorry if the spacing of this post is really bad - I've been having trouble with blogger doing that lately and I can't fix it for my scheduled posts.

This is the last day of June, so I'm going to post this month's haul!
I might be buying some polish tonight in Ottawa, but I'll include that in July's haul. (Or maybe a separate vacation haul!)

As you may know, I was on a low-buy this month to save for my trip.
I did pretty well on my low-buy (minus one purchase...) but I got a lot in swaps or giveaways or just as gifts!
Here we go:

Icing Duality Stick - Force of Love/Magnetic Attraction

Catrice - Sold Out Forever
LA Colors - Metallic Purple
Nfu-Oh - #60
p2 Color Victim - Attraction
Flormar - 393
Etos Effect Nails - 006
Etos Effect Nails - 010
Etos Effect Nails - 011
Etos Effect Nails - 013
Essence (Metallics) - Steel Me
Essence (Metallics) - Nothing Else Metals
Essence (color&go) - No More Drama
Essence (color&go)  - Choose Me!
Essence (color&go)  - Where Is The Party?
Essence (Multi-Dimension)- All Access
Essence (Sun Club) - Meet Me At The Club
Hema - 18
Hema - Jip en Janneke

Gosh - Holographic (swap!)
Gosh - Fix Basecoat (swap!)
Mash plate m21 (gift!)

Essie - Smooth Sailing
OPI - What's With The Cattitude?

China Glaze - Emotion (gift)
China Glaze - Adore (gift)

Essie - Lapis Of Luxury (gift!)

Essie - Going Incognito (swap!)

Orly - Lollipop (gift!)

(This is where I went wrong... I spent $76 on these 6 polishes. Which is actually a good deal, considering what they are. They haven't arrived yet.)
China Glaze - TTYL
China Glaze - TMI
China Glaze - FYI
China Glaze - GR8
China Glaze - L8R G8R
China Glaze - QT

Color Club Alter Ego - Reveal Your Mystery (set):
Milky White Basecoat
Get A Clue
Give Me A Hint
Secret Rendevous
Sheer Disguise

OPI - Turquoise Shatter

Swap with Caroline from Shadow's Nails! (I just got this on Tuesday! I'll post more about it when I get back!)
Orly - Halley's Comet
Maybelline - Goody Plum Drop
China Glaze - Custom Kicks
Sinful Colors - Green Ocean
Custom painted Hello Kitty franken bottle!!

So, as you can see, I got a LOT of polish this month, but out of all those things, I only bought 4 single polishes, one Color Club set (12.99) and the OMG's. 
The OMG's ruin the low-buy but it was a deal I couldn't pass up.

Besides stuff for myself I bought around 16 things for swaps. So that ruins it too.
Overall I'm pleased with how I did!

Total # of bottles acquired for myself this month: 46
Total # of bottles I bought for myself: 17


  1. Wow! Nice haul!
    Love it all! (^__^)

  2. Wow, I thought I buy a lot of polish :)

  3. Well aren't you a lucky girl! That is what you call a HAUL!!! lucky you:)

  4. Where did you get the OMG polishes from? And, great haul!

  5. Great finds! Hope you're having fun right now! :)

  6. I'm super jealous. And hey look what you inspired. Mine isn't as good as yours

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