Thursday, June 16, 2011

joe fresh swatches!

Late night post!
I had a swatch marathon this afternoon (25 polishes) so I decided I might as well get started on showing you them!
So tonight I have for you 6 Joe Fresh swatches.

If you are not familiar with Joe Fresh then you probably aren't Canadian. Haha.
This brand is sold only in Canada at Loblaw's/Dominion supermarkets.
They also have clothes, makeup, body and bath products, etc.

Their polishes are actually really good quality.
They retail for $4 or 3/$10.
The downside with Joe polishes is that they are only 6mL, and the large cap can be a bit tricky sometimes.

I currently have six colors from Joe and I totally love 3 of them. The other three aren't really my thing, but 2 of them I got on sale for $1 so it's not a big deal, and the other one I bought before I realized that I don't like yellow. Hah.
I'll show you the non-faves first.

This is Beet. 2 coats. A deeper red than anything I own so despite not really liking it, I am happy to have it in my collection, just in case I need a dark red. (Does anyone else think this way?)

This is Butter. 3 coats, as usual this is a streaky yellow. More pale than other yellows I own. I showed a yellow comparison including Butter in this post.
Yellow is not my thing but this polish is okay. (However... in my swatch marathon today I fell in love with a yellow. Yes, love. I think I will post that part of my swatches next.)

This is Steel. Sort of a cross between a foil and a shimmer. 1 coat!

This one is very pretty but as you might know I just don't enjoy wearing really dark colors lately.

Now for the 3 faves!

This is Powder Blue. 3 coats. This is a paler, more purple-toned blue than other blues I own. I just love pastels!

. This is the most recent addition to my Joe Fresh arsenal, I bought it when I knew I had an appointment coming up with a girl who wanted a coral colored polish with shatter for her grad. It ended up being the perfect shade!
This is 3 coats. I really like it! It is a very pink coral, which takes it far enough away from orange that I can enjoy it. Heh.

And my fave, Faded Violet. This 2 coats. Probably would need 3 normally but I use this a lot so it has thickened some.
It is the perfect pastel purple. Love it. Probably will need a second bottle eventually.

So that's it for Joe polishes!
I had another, Twilight, but I have since swapped that with Caroline from Shadow's Nail Art because I know she will love it more than I did :)

After my swatch marathon today I went through my list of polish to count how many I have left to swatch for my swatch list - 118. I have done so many yet I still have so many left.
And that number doesn't include all my old no-name polishes but I don't plan on swatching those, really, because they are old and not something you can buy anymore so it doesn't matter. I might take some photos of them though, just for fun, to show you what I have in my "oldies" drawer.

I'm going to bed now. Goodnight! See you in the morning with more swatches!


  1. That coral is sooooo gorgeous! Perfect coral. And I love that purple too!

  2. Coral is really pretty! I'll have to pick that one up the next time I'm grocery shopping!

  3. I like them all but I like Powder Blue and Coral the most! Great swatches!(:

  4. I love Coral! And I actually really like Beet, although I don't know if I would ever wear a red that dark.

  5. :O

    I love the coral! I was actually looking for something similar in Dominion the other day. I ended up getting a more orangey based coral that was papaya something. I like it, but I would like a more pinky version too

  6. You make me want to stomp my foot and pout like a little kid! I love them and can't get them here. :( They look so pretty!

  7. I love all of them, especially the deep red, light blue and coral.

  8. You picked out some great colors! Coral, blue and violet are absolutely beautiful! 25 polishes!!!! wow!!

  9. I like steel the best . But they all are beautiful !

  10. There you are tempting me with your Canadians only nail polish!!! Due to the wonderful strike your postal workers are on I have no idea when I'm getting my Joe's Twilight! I really liked the Steel color and the coral

  11. I wish we had these in the States! I love the coral and the yellow!