Sunday, June 12, 2011

Color Club - Catwalk Queen Collection - swatches and review

Hi guys! Today I have swatches of another one of my Color Club sets - Catwalk Queen.
This collection has a bunch of different finishes - creme, shimmer, pearl, holo, and iridescent sheer. All in the same set. Plus cuticle softener. It's a good set to have if you want a vast array of polishes!

I bought this set at Winners for $12.99, but you can often find them in the states at places like Ross for cheaper, or online for around $21.

When I bought it, it was missing Fashion Addict, the holographic polish, which had been replaced with a color from a collection that came out the year after this one. Many sets showing up at clearance stores are missing it as well. Some are also missing the cuticle softener, which gets replaced with topcoat. Being OCD about things like that, I bought the one I was missing from ebay. And it came with a different cap than the others so it looks funny in the set. Haha! Oh well, at least I have it.

I've already posted swatches of Fashion Addict on it's own, but I'll include one here too.

First up is Front Row Diva.

Basically, if you could liquify pearls and put them on your nails, it would look like this. Pearly champagne nude color. If you don't know how to distinguish a pearl finish, this is it. 
It can be a bit streaky. This is 2 coats!

I'm going to go out of order here so I can put the 2 sheer polishes together, so next is Vintage Couture.

Light pink creme. Surprisingly unique in my collection. It is more like... bright and intense than other light pink cremes. I like it! I believe this was 3 coats.

Now I'll show you the two sheer polishes :)

The first is Runway Muse.
This is 4 coats. I don't think these are supposed to be worn alone.

As you can see, they are very sheer. This one is cool though because it is like a purple/silver duochrome iridescent finish. Really interesting.

This one is nuts over black. I'll show you that after I show you the second sheer polish.

Sometimes the green is so evident! It's a yellowy green.
(That spot on my ring finger nail was not visible in person!)

The second one is called Ready To Wear. This one is a bit more opaque than it's sister polish but it is still sheer. 4 coats.
This one is a pink/peachy orange iridescent duochrome.

The difference with this one is that it is more difficult to see both colors at once. But under different lights it is very different.

Okay. Now for the swatch over black. Be prepared to be shocked.

Crazy right?! Runway Muse is on the left and Ready To Wear on the right. This really shows the two different colors you see in the polishes.
I need to wear these as full manis sometime. The difference in the colors is just crazy.

After those intense polishes, we have the holographic polish.

This is Fashion Addict. I did a full post on it here.
If you've read that post you'll know that this version is barely holo at all - it is the second formula. The original was very holographic and therefore it is sought after.
Despite not being holo, mine is still pretty! And I like it a lot. 2 coats I think.

Last but not least...

Catwalk Queen. The namesake of the collection. It is just gorgeous.
I'm not into really dark "vampy" colors, but this one is so pretty. 2 coats.

The shimmer is sort of multi colored... I don't know. Enlarge these photos and see what I mean!

And it has a more orangey flash to it as well.
When I put this on, it was really reminding me of OPI's Merry Midnight. That color is hard to find, and a lot of people want it. (Me included.)
But Merry Midnight has flakies... so I decided to add a coat of Hidden Treasure and see what happened.

Not quite the same, but close! And so pretty.

I don't believe the flakies in Merry Midnight have the green flash like Hidden Treasure does.
I think if you mixed these 2 together instead of layering them it might be a bit closer to Merry Midnight.

It's so strange but cool.

Flakies are so... intense. Haha!
(This still doesn't really calm my need for Merry Midnight. But Orly's next collection has a dead-on dupe for it... so I've got my heart set on that one now.)

Did you guys enjoy this collection?
I had a lot of fun swatching it because almost every polish was surprising, in a good way.
(And I have only tried the cuticle softener once but it seems nice and moisturizing!)

That's all for me today!


  1. I got a set from Ross that had everything that was supposed to be in that set (minus one someone took out), but it had the wrong names on the back. Most of the names were for the other half of the collection.

  2. I love this set. All I have is Fashion Addict though. I'm sure I'll be getting the rest sometime ::)

  3. WOW I want this collection..... NOW hehehe I think I will be going to every Ross around here now, that is the only place I can find those.

  4. Those flakies set that manicure OFF! I love it.

  5. wow!! I really like vintage couture!thats going on my wishlist! I like the combination of hidden treasure and catwalk queen!

  6. I'm like....droooling over catwalk queen right now

  7. Ahhhh I love Canadian nail bloggers. They always have the best tips on how to find polishes in Canada. Or on polishes like Joe :) I just started a nail blog too, just for fun to share my huge collection. I'm glad I found yours :D

  8. I love almost all the colors!

  9. Vintage Couture and Fashion Addict are my favorites! This is definitely one of Color Club's better collections.