Wednesday, June 8, 2011

more nail mail! + nail fail

This is a rhyming post. Nail mail and nail fail.

First the good part - the nail mail.

I love nail mail. I wish I could get nail mail every single day :P
Yes, that is Gosh Holographic and Fix Basecoat. From the amazing Martje of Girly Addictions. So happy! She also sent me some little moisturizer samples. And a cute card from Hema.
I need sunlight to wear this. Now. (But there is no sun in the forecast for the next seven days. AH!)

And the lovely Natalie of Natalie's Nails sent me a Mash plate because she already had the Konad version! She knew I loved the paint splatter image on it. So now I can make a cute splatter mani :)

Thank you so much Martje and Natalie!

I am about to go send some nail mail, too. Nail mail is awesome.
I am expecting 4 more nail mails in the near future. But I am doooone for swapping now until like September, after my trips.

Okay, now for the nail fail.
Jane from Nailside keeps doing these freaking awesome lightning bolt manis and I decided I needed to try. And it was a fail.
It started with 2 coats of China Glaze Strawberry Fields.

I should have left it there :P
Strawberry Fields is a must-have I think. So pretty.
But then I tried to add the first color of the lightning bolt. China Glaze 2030.

Those three fingers were okay. The index finger, however...

I tried to tape that nail a second time to fix the line but it was too early and I pulled the polish up and 2030 is just very unforgiving.
So I stopped there.
Now you have learned that even I can fail :P haha!

Sometime I am going to do this again and I will succeed! With cremes and more forgiving colors!
In the meantime, check out Jane's tutorial of the double lightning bolt and do it yourselves :)


  1. I tried it last week, and it turned out all right. I really like that color combo!

  2. Let's pretend the index finger didn't happen, it had so much potential. I love your colour combination, the foiled gold really picks up the gold in Strawberry Fields. It's practically glowing! Gorg. :)

  3. everyone fails once in a while...but the colors together look great ! and now I have to get me china glaze´s amazing! :)

  4. I love the colors together too! And hey, practice makes perfect! :)

  5. I love 2030, which is a shame because I don't have it! I think it would look amazing if the index finger wouldn't have happened.. Those colors work so well together!

  6. You just needed a little more patients haha, so this doesn't even count as a fail, HA! Anyway, loooving the colours you picked (the same I used in my circus mani!:D) And you can always add you next colour the next day, then you know it's dry for sure! :-)

  7. thats a unique combo!! yea, strawberry fields is a MUST-HAVE!!

  8. I'm going to try it out soon! I think that's great for a first try ... I would have wrecked all 4 nails! Keep trying

  9. i looveeee nailside. shes for sure a fave of mine.

  10. I haven't tried lightning bolts yet, but we have the same color combo. I have Strawberry Fields and Essie's gold metallic, Shift Power.