Thursday, June 2, 2011

milani 3D - 3D - swatch and review

Hi guys!
I was recently been told that my blog did not work correctly in Google Reader,but you'll be happy to know that I fixed it. :)

This is the last of my Milani 3D polishes, and this is the collection's namesake. 3D.

Coincidentally it is also my least favorite. It is more of a gold foil with holo glitter than a holographic polish.

At 2 coats, this is the most opaque of the collection.
Even in the sun, there isn't much holo:

It's still pretty though.

I'm happy to have the whole collection.
I feel like I should make one post with all the colors instead of the six separate posts I have now.
But nah, I'll leave it like this.

Here they all are together!

HD, Cyber Space, Hi-Tech, Digital, Hi-Res, 3D

I can't really pick a favorite out of the other 5 because they're so dope. Here are links to all the posts:

Click to enlarge the photos for more holo love!
Which one is your fave?


  1. Your swatch of Hi-Tech looks scrumptious! When was this collection released?

  2. Sooo pretty. I love Hi-Tech for the insane holo but Hi-Res is just gorgeous, I think I like it a little more.

  3. @A Polished Touch, i'm not really sure. scrangie had swatches in early 2010! so it might have been '09!
    i found a few here on clearance and ordered the other three direct from milani. you can still get them all on their website, and from CVS's site!

  4. Oh wow. The pink and purple are my favourites. Such a shame Milani isn't available in the uk!

  5. Nice polishes and great swatches. I like the gold best but it was deciding.

  6. :-) yay! I love this collection!!! <3

  7. Yay for completing your collection! Hmm my favorite... Can't pick! But 3D sure is hot!

  8. Ouuu mine are in the mail! So excited

  9. Thanks for fixing the problem in Google Reader, now I can read from my phone :)

  10. I absolutely love theese! They're so pretty :D I think I have four of them..