Monday, June 13, 2011

LA Girl Disco Brites swatches

Hi guys, boring post from me today because I am not in the mood for many words.

Today I'm going to show you my 2 Disco Brites polishes for my swatch project.
Disco Brites from LA Girl are all creme polishes that are supposed to glow under black light but I have not tested that claim.

The first one I got was Hustle. This is a 2-coat purple creme that is actually really easy to apply, but takes forever to dry.
It is also hard to capture the true color but the next photo is accurate:

It is a deeper purple than most that I own but still vibrant.

The next color is Dance Craze.

I bought this color the day I decided to try to like orange but it did not work.

Second photo is more color accurate.
3 coats. Not really a fan but I think maybe I would like it with pink accents or pink crackle or something.

Here is hoping for a better day tomorrow and therefore a more enthusiastic post.


  1. I have one of these, possible Dance Craze, and i wore it to a blacklight party, totally awesome! Glowed like crazy even with crackle on top, everyone noticed & loved it.

  2. I don't like orange either :S It probably would look great with pink though!

  3. I love the purple! I don't much like orange either usually, unless it has shimmer.

  4. Nice colors, I really like the purple one.

  5. we had the purple, pink, orange, green and blue ones!

    they stained my fingernails :(

  6. The purple is absolutely amazing .

  7. lol I think I have almost the whole disco brites collection. Before I knew much about nail polish, I bought a shload of them from Cherry Culture. The purple does look nice on you, but the orange isn't THAT bad haha it's alright for summer