Sunday, June 5, 2011

reorgazing my stash, without melmers or helmers :(

Good morning lovelies, this morning I'm going to show you what I spent 2 hours doing last night: reorganizing my stash.

I've been debating getting an Ikea Helmer or a 2 Michael's "Melmers" aka JetMax storage cubes.
After a lot of thinking, and mostly the fact that I could drive 15 minutes to get Melmers vs. waiting 2.5 months to go to Ikea in Toronto, I decided to get one Melmer and see if I liked it. (With the option of returning it should I decide it wasn't good enough.)

So I went to Michael's. No 3-drawer storage cubes. None currently ordered for the store. Unknown if more will ever come in.
So that totally burst my bubble.

I needed to do something - my stash was overflowing.
Here is a before picture: (click to enlarge)

That is what you call overflowing.
Notice one of the drawers is not even in the tower because it was too full. Plus all the stuff on the shelf. And the separate cases for China Glaze and OPI. Plus stuff on the floor.

And now:

I had the second tower in my closet holding various things. A lot of things you don't want to throw out but don't really use/look at... I'm sure you know what I mean. It also held my sunglasses.

Now everything has a home.
Blue tower:
Top - mostly drug store brands.
Middle - nail wheels, tools, brushes, cuticle oil, etc.
Bottom - packaging and cosmetic bags and just stuff I don't want to throw out but are not really useful.
Pink tower:
Top - Sally Hansen
Second - China Glaze
Third - my OPI case is in here (I left them in the seperate case just so they don't bang around,) along with a case full of rhinestones/etc, my box of Qtips and the large bottles of acetone and remover.
Bottom - Color Club, Orly, Sinful Colors, Milani, and a few other things.

My nail art pens still sit on top in a separate case and I like to keep my small bottles of remover/acetone and my base/top coats and treatment there, too.

Much neater now.
I don't particularly like the way it is now, but it is better than before.
It'll stay this way until Michael's restocks their cubes or I go to Toronto.

Now, what to do with all my Wayfarers...

Hahaha. I think I have sunglasses hoarder disorder on top of polish hoarder disorder.

I look forward to the day I get better storage and will be able to return these plastic units to their original uses - yarn, crafts, sunglasses, and random sentimental items.

Whenever I get my new storage I'll work on new collection photos, because I know how much everyone likes those!
I would do it now if I didn't have at least 32 polishes on the way to me from swaps and the giveaway I won... Heh.
(Where are those polishes going to go?!)

Swaafie is holding a nail art contest, and everyone can vote for their top three favorites!
Then the top six will be judged by a panel she chooses. Check it out here.
Vote for me if you like my design :)
I'll do a post on my mani in the future - I really liked it!


  1. Aaah, so many nailpolishes, I'm jealous! :D

  2. I am struggling like this as well without a Helmer/Melmer... I finally think I am going to cave and get one..

  3. I have a helmer and I wish I would have got the Melmers instead. Just because they are stackable. Your collection looks nice a neat goodluck when you get all the new polishes! Im going to build my 2nd Helmer soon :-/

  4. Organizing nail polish is difficult. It is an ever growing entity so finding room and/or a way to display it is very difficult. I think you are doing ok with what you have

  5. Shadow, you can stack your Helmers! Karen D has 4 of them, stacked 2-high. (If you take the wheels off, of course.)

  6. I am still working on organizing mine, I have a plastic storage unit that use to hold my art stuff that also was taken over with polishes even after I got a melmer. Bottom drawer has to many polishes in it so I need to still figure out something with them hehe. Nice sunglasses collection :D

  7. I bought a 3 shelf book shelf from Wal-Mart for only $24. It works fabulous. It's about 3 feet wide, slightly under a foot deep and 3 1/2 feet tall and it holds all 273 polishes I own, plus some.

  8. Ooh everything nice and tidy now! And I also have a Wayfarer obsession hahah, though I don't own as many as you do, lovely colours! They look cute together, especially in your cool-zebra-wall-room. I also voted for youin the Swaafie contest! The bedding mani was badass, as is your bedding :-D

  9. So many pretty nail polishes and sunglasses...awesome! :)

  10. I just got 2 Melmer's so worth it! I got them both 40% off with the coupon from Hobby Lobbys website (good until the 11th btw) so they were both $19 each!

  11. Whoever told you they weren't on order etc was lying to you. We constantly get melmers in. It's one of the most popular jet max storage things we get in. In fact we just got a huge shipment in from another store for a bunch of jet max stuff. And the truck last night also had a huge order of jet max.

  12. Seriously!?!!? I'm the manager of the floral (aka the side that is in charge of the jetmax, etc) and I have never once told someone that jetmax isn't coming in. Mainly cause I'm sick of trying to find places to put it. Grumble. I bet it was Jackie. I'mma kick her. :P

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