Saturday, June 18, 2011

giveaway closed! + what's in your purse? + awards!

Good evening! My giveaway is now closed. I will announce the lucky winner in the morning! :)

Recently I have been tagged with 2 awards and the "what's in your purse?" tag, so I figured I would do them all at once.

Sarah from Samarium's Swatches tagged me for What's In Your Purse!

Dump your purse, answer the questions, and tag 5 bloggers to find out what's in their purse!

~Where did you get your purse, and how long have you had it?
My purse is from Icing! I got it for Christmas in 2009. It is holding up really well, as you can see.
~What are 3 must-haves in your purse? (Not including keys and wallet)
Blistex, pills, cuticle cream/moisturizer.
~What is something you should have in your purse right now, but don't?
Umm... I don't know! That's a weird question. I think I have everything I need.
~What is the thing you have the most of in your purse right now?
Random receipts and notes.

I pretty much only use my purse for going back and forth to work, so most of the stuff in it is geared towards work! I took photos of everything in it.

Yarn and crochet hooks for working on my blanket at work, and my awesome wallet. I did nails inspired by my wallet ages ago, which you can see here.

This is what you find in the front pocket. There were 3 polishes wrapped up in a bag in one - 2 for Traci and 1 that I cannot show because it is a surprise for someone! :)
My headphones were also in that pocket. (Aren't they cute? I wrapped them with thread like a friendship bracelet.)
In the other pocket rests my Nintendo DS and my work keys.

Here we have my cellphone, a bottle of Advil and a bottle of Modulon which is one of the many pills I have to take every day. I have to bring it to work because I have to take one before each meal.
2 highlighters and a pen that I need to bring to work on Monday, as well as my keys with my Sally's pro tag and my adorable Hello Kitty keycap that I got from Claire's.

Floss, and the only cosmetics I use. Cover Girl pressed powder, blistex, Colossal mascara, Annabelle Kohl eyeliner, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and a Burt's Bees moisturizer bottle which is actually filled with a Mary Kay lotion right now.

A few bandaids because I tend to have accidents at work, a bunch of receipts, movie tickets, my Nofx ticket from Tuesday night, a bunch of customs forms from swaps, and a pink heart post-it note that someone left on my kiosk that says "You are beautiful." I kept it because it's a nice pick-me-up! Haha!

This is where it gets sort of weird. A Sudoku book that my mom just got me for work (not weird,) a packet of Splenda, a safety pin, this little rubber bow thing that I found on my kiosk one morning (it's cute so I kept it) and probably the weirdest - a knife in a travel toothbrush holder! I eat a lot of fruit at work so I keep a knife in my purse for cutting it up. Haha. I don't kill people at work with it, I promise.

Before I go to work I also add a lot of food to my purse - a banana, an apple, grapes or strawberries, and a sandwich or chicken fajita. And a bottle of water or Crystal Lite.

Well, that is everything. I bet it was boring :P
I tag everyone who hasn't done it already! It was kinda funny explaining all the dumb stuff in my purse.

Next up, I was tagged by Lydz from Sekhmet's Purple Castle with the Top 10 award!

That was really sweet of you, Lydz. :)
I can't pick 10 bloggers to tag - I love all the blogs I follow!
You are also supposed to list your top 10 favorite cosmetics. I don't think I OWN 10 different cosmetics besides nail polish. I won't include polish in this list.
I really don't wear a lot of makeup - I just use eyeliner and mascara for my eyes, and I actually get a lot of compliments on my makeup. It's strange. I guess it looks more complicated than it is. Maybe sometime I'll show you guys my daily makeup, if anyone is interested. Anyway, here is my top 10 cosmetics (or however many I can think of. (I'm including pictures from google because I am extremely bored.)

1) Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Mascara. This is my absolute favorite mascara, and I tried like 5 before I settled on this one.

2) Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in black. Cheap eyeliner, works awesome. Smudges nice.

3) Blistex Mint lipbalm. Self-explanatory.

4) Cover Girl Pressed Powder. I don't even really use this very often anymore...

5) Biotherm Forget It Instant Concealer. This is an expensive concealer, I think I paid like 18 bucks for it. It is liquid concealer, and I bought it because I got super anemic when I was sick (I had to have 2 blood transfusions and 1.5 years of IV iron infusions) and I had terrible dark circles under my eyes. I looked terminal (and for a while I thought I was.) So I bought this to make it look like I wasn't terminal. And it actually works awesome.

6) Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. That counts, right? I'm sure you all know what that is for :P

7) Marcelle Essentials Hypoallergenic Moisture Cream. Awesome facial moisturizer.

8) Marcelle Essentials Makeup Remover Cloths. Does that count? Haha. These work awesome for getting mascara off.

9) Marcelle Hydra-C Facial Exfoliating Gel. This is a gentle scrub and doesn't contain salicylic acid like most do, so it doesn't irritate my skin.

I literally cannot think of anything else that I own that I could call a favorite. I only made it to 9 by grasping at straws.

10) Pantene Red Expressions Shampoo and Conditioner. Best. Shampoo and conditioner. Ever. (For red hair.) This actually should be #1 on my list! It keeps my hair red for soooooo long, and makes it feel so awesome. But the bitches at Pantene discontinued it shortly after I discovered it. I managed to find like 3 bottles of each on clearance after it was discontinued, and found 2 more shampoos recently for $1. I have half a bottle of conditioner left and 2.5 of shampoo and that really sucks. I never want to use anything else.
They still make Brunette and Blonde expressions. Why, Pantene, why?!
(My hair hasn't been red for the last month, but I am going back to red tomorrow. I've been using Aussie shampoo and conditioner this month and my hair feels like sh*t. I luvvv u Pantene, neva leavin u again.)

That entertained me. I hope you guys enjoyed it!
Again, I tag everyone who wants to do it!!

Lastly, I got an email this morning from a blogger I didn't know until now - Lady Pink from Red Hair and Black Nail Polish.
She tagged me with the Sunshine award.

Thank you! For this award you don't have to do anything besides tag 10 bloggers in return. 
Instead of tagging 10 bloggers or tagging everyone - I'm going to tag 3 special ones who I think deserve some views.

First of all, I'm going to tag my friend Nina! Her blog is Twinkle Tips. She does some super cute nail art and I think you should check her out. Nina and I have become friends through this blog and actually hang out in person, haha! Blogging is good to me in many ways.

The next two bloggers I'm going to tag are two lovely ladies who sent me sweet emails asking me to check out their blog. (If you're reading this and you want me to check out your blog, feel free to email me! I don't bite! And I always respond unless your email gets lost in my junk folder.)
The first is Tin Roof Nails and the second is Nailed To The Wall

Check those girls out if you get a chance! I know it is hard getting your blog out there at first, so I like to help out when I can.

That, my friends, was a long post.
(And the spacing is really crappy - I hate when blogger won't obey my spacing!)


  1. Yay! Go us with our sudoku's hehe!

  2. I make friendship bracelets, but I never would have thought of wrapping my headphones with embroidery thread! Love it, might steal the idea :)

  3. Volum' Express Colossal Mascara is AWESOME!! I love that one too :)

  4. I love the head phone thing! I'm going to start making this for my roommate tomorrow. What did you do when you got to where the headphones split? And how long was each string? Sorry about all the questions, I'm just really excited to make this.

  5. i got a lil scared when i saw that knife in there. LOL but once i read what you use it for . i was like ahhhhh okay makes sence. hahahah great post.! :D

  6. You literally have one of a kind headphones! They're soooooo cool. And LOL at the knife. I thought it was for self defense when I first saw it. Haha this was NOT boring, what were you talking about?!

  7. Thanks so much for the tag, you're so sweet!

  8. toothbrush holder is a great idea for keeping a knife! Just don't forget and try to get on a plane with what you think is a toothbrush, lol

  9. I have the same purse except in green!

    Using a toothbrush case for utensils is genius!

  10. i'm so happy you all enjoyed this post, lol

  11. Wow you have alot of interesting stuff in your purse! I love the hello kitty cap for your keys all my keys have them too. I bet that surpise polish you hid is for me huh lol... ever since you told me about it ive been trying to figure it out lol...

  12. I love reading these kinds of posts from different bloggers :))

  13. I loved to see my little polish babies are traveling safely in your purse hahahaha. I am curious about the mystery polish LOL. It made me laugh to see how you censored it out of the photo!! <3

  14. zomg I totally missed the shout out hahah thanks so much rebecca! I was concentrating on those headphones I think, trying to figure out how you did it hah!