Thursday, June 23, 2011

german giveaway swatch spam part 2

Hiiii. More exciting international swatches for you today.
I'll get right to it. I'll start with one of my faves.

Essence - Choose Me!
This wasn't one that I won, it is one that Martina included because she saw it on my wishlist, which was the cutest thing.
It's just so pretty and sparkly and teal and turquoise and green and blue and glass-flecked. Love.

This swatch is 3 coats, with the pinky being one coat over 1 coat of Orly - Bailamos.
This is one of my favorite polishes ever now. This is a small bottle, so thankfully I have a big bottle of Orly - Halley's Comet coming from Shadow, and they're dupes. (Along with Zoya - Charla and OPI - Catch Me In Your Net, which I don't have.)
I'll never run out!

This next polish was also one included from my wishlist.
Take that, wishlist!

Essence - Where Is The Party?
Cool purple shimmery greenish grayish duochrome.

The bottle shows a whole lot of colors but they're not all visible on the nail.

2 coats.

And the last of my Essence Color&Go's:

Essence - No More Drama.
This is a nice lavender creme, it's a bit darker than other similar colors I have. 2 coats.

Time for magnetic polishes!

I was really excited to try these out.
You hold a magnet over the polish while it's still wet, and it creates patterns in the polish.

Essence Metallics - Steel Me.
On this hand, I used the magnet that comes with them, and I tried different patterns on all my nails.
The vertical and horizontal work the best as you can see. I tried diagonal on my ring and pinky fingers but barely got any results.
For this one, the first coat was a bit sheer, so I let that dry normally and then used the magnet on the second coat.

Essence Metallics - Nothing Else Metals.
This one is a chrome finish and therefore it was a bit hard to capture the magnetic patterns.

On this one I tried different magnets from my fridge... and you'll notice that one worked a little too well...

The polish actually jumped from my nail to the magnet. Haha!

These were really neat polishes to try out and I'm happy to have them in my collection!

Last but not least...

Nfu-Oh - #60.
My very first Nfu-Oh! The bottles are just so pretty.

The flakes show more colors in the bottle than they do on the nail.

They mostly show a deep red-orange on the nail.

But they do go a bit golden/greenish on certain angles.

Originally I thought this was going to be a lot like Joe Fresh - Twilight but they aren't too similar.
Since swatching my Twilight I swapped it out, but I did have it on a nail wheel before that so I was able to compare these two.

They look more similar in the bottle than they do on the nail.
Twilight's base is a bit thicker - 3 coats vs 4/5 coats.

That's all for me today! I will have the last 6 polishes from the giveaway to show you whenever we get a bit of sun, so the potential holos can show their stuff!


  1. I love the magnetic ones! Very nice win, seriously :)

  2. i love essence polishes, i think i have all of these... but nubar... wow, that's the polish ;-D

  3. I've always wanted to try out the magnetic ones. :D

  4. You, you stop it with your amazing international polishes! These are tooo delicious. And that last was is like totally drool worthy

  5. eeep i really want Where Is the Party!!! So purty...

  6. How beautiful are the Nfu.oh polishes :)

  7. Great spam! Lol at the magnet that worked too well hahah

  8. Wow amazing! I love all of them =] And LOL at the fridge magnet! =P

    Btw i'v tagged you to do the google game =] Hope you'l like it!

  9. I"ve heard that bucky balls make awesome designs on magnetic polish. I wish I could try it!

  10. Congrats on your first Nfu Oh bottle! They're addictive ;) Those Essence polishes are to die for *_*

  11. I cant wait to try my magnetics!!! And soon you will have another Essence to swatch for us!! ;-) <3

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