Friday, June 3, 2011

l'oreal - party hop VS. sinful colors - purple diamond

Good morning!
Today I have a comparison for you.

L'Oreal's Party Hop and Sinful Colors Purple Diamond.
I bought Purple Diamond because it looked really cool in the bottle, but was really unimpressed with it's sheerness. It does not look like it does in the bottle.

And then I got Party Hop, on sale, thinking, "hey, this is a cool purple, I don't have anything like this."
And then I put it on, realized how sheer it was, remembered Purple Diamond, and got disappointed.

This is Party Hop. It looks decent in photos, mostly because the flash lights up the shimmer. But it does not really look this good in person.

See? Very sheer.

And this is Purple Diamond. Again, the flash makes it appear less sheer, but do not be fooled.

Quite sheer.

Purple Diamond is a more vibrant shade, but it is a bit more sheer than the other.
The swatches are four coats.

So as you might know, layering this kind of polish is better. But these ones don't layer that nicely.

Party Hop, Purple Diamond. Over white, purple, and black.
I thought it would be more visible over black but it was pretty lackluster.
I like it over white but it would probably be hard to get a non-streaky result.
Over purple it can give you a cool effect too - which I showed in this post where I used Purple Diamond to try to create my own version of a Zoya polish.

Do you need both of these polishes? Absolutely not.
Unfortunately I accidentally ended up with both.

Today I am going on another swatch marathon I think. :)


  1. :/ This is disappointing. I hate when you fond a really neat color and it turns out to be super sheer....grrr

  2. I hate when it happens. I bought this gorgeous red with gold shimmer and it even with three coats it didn't look like I wanted.

  3. Don't you hate when that happens! I think it's all of the nail polish companies in a conspiracy to make us hoard more polish!
    Btw ive got a scheduled status report on my project already to go for Sunday afternoon! You get to see what I have done up til now.

  4. Don't worry that happens to everybody one timeor another! I dnt know if this works... but I usually open the bottle and take a pick at the formula most of the time u can tell if its sheer or thick...
    But like I said before... we l get disappointed every now and then... I guess thats the bad side of our addiction! Lol

  5. I love Party Hop! I layer it over a lavender creme (white is finicky, like you said, but purple is way too dark).

    I wore this a couple of months ago, actually. Here's a pic of it (a bit too dark, but any lightening made the shimmer disappear):

  6. thanks lindsay! i'll have to try it over lavender!

  7. I got the Purple Diamond(by SinfulColors). I HATED it. It is SO sheer it's awful. I've tried doing two coats or more, and that was a little better. I only wear this polish on days when I want something sheer, obviously.

  8. I have Purple Diamond and when I wore it I had more compliments on my nail color than any polish I have ever worn past or future. I did find it to be much lighter than the bottle shows, but on acrylic nails and 2 or 3 light coats it covered completely and beautifully. Maybe that is the trick, or I got a good batch.

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