Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OPI - Mad As A Hatter & Absolutely Alice - swatches and review

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you two of my most precious nail polishes. Haha.

When the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection came out I was just getting into nail polish. I had heard that a drugstore 20 minutes away had the collection and I went to check it out.

I looked everywhere in the store but couldn't find it, and I was about to leave, when I spotted it. On the very bottom shelf of a random display. Almost totally hidden. 

I got the second last bottles of these and sent Kayla Shevonne to get the last ones!

I feel really lucky to have found these because I know how badly some people want them! 
I paid 7.99 for each one and felt really bad about it. If only the past me knew that would become a regular occurrence!

I'll start with Absolutely Alice.

I muffed up the index finger right before I took these pictures and I didn't want to reapply, so you're only going to see three fingers for now.

This is a royal blue glitter with some gold mixed in. The glitter is very fine, smaller than those in the Burlesque glitters. Absolutely Alice beautiful.
I used the screwed up nail as an opportunity for a comparison.

On the right is Milani's Blue Flash from the One Coat Glitter collection. 
This is 2 coats of each. (Alice starts out as a 4-coater but as it thickens you need fewer coats.) 

As you can see, the shades of blue are different, but for those of you lemming Alice, Blue Flash might be a decent substitution.

In the above comparison you can see that the glitter is the same size, and it also shows the amount of gold in Alice pretty well. 

I hate using up this polish, so I've started wearing one coat of Alice over one coat of Blue Flash.

That is the most awkward picture ever, but my thumb has one coat of each while the other 2 fingers are just Alice.
You can barely tell the difference.

However, I hate using the One Coat Glitters because they are so hard to remove. You can't pick them off the way you can with other glitters, and removal with remover or acetone is such a struggle.

This is one of my favorite polishes ever. I think I actually like it more than Mad As A Hatter, which I will show you now.

Mad As A Hatter is hard to explain. It is a whole bunch of different colored glitters. Predominantly silver and purple - from a distance it looks a silvery purple.
But there is much more to it when you look close - green, blue, pink, fuchsia, orange, aqua. And that's probably not all.

This polish goes for a hefty fee on ebay nowadays. 

Strangely, out of the 8 OPI glitters I own, this one has the worst wear. I cannot get a mani to last more than 24 hours. The nails pop off in nail-shaped sheets if you hit them the wrong way.
I'm not at all sure why this one does it more than the others.

It's so lovely. It's a shame I can't get it to last.

If you look closely around the cuticle edge you'll see that there are 2 sizes of silver glitter. I left it messy on purpose so you could see that.
There is silver glitter the same size as the Alice glitter, and then all the colored glitter and some silver glitter is the same as those from the Burlesque collection.

The above photo really shows all the colors! I don't know how to tag the color of this polish in this post. Haha!

I love these 2 polishes. I love them so much that I hate using them. I'm sure you fellow polish-aholics know what I mean!

Just 2 more days until I leave for my first trip! I'm going to schedule some posts for when I'm gone just so you all won't miss me too much ;)


  1. Mad as hatter looks awesome, maybe if you do a two coats of a jelly finish nail polish an then one thick coat of mad and one more coat of jelly, u know a jelly sandwich it would look awesome and probably last more. All opi's on me don't last more than one day, I was told to buy OPI Chip Skip.

  2. AA is so so beautiful! I wish I knew about these but I wasnt into polish yet. Ah, oh well.

  3. Both are absolutely stunning polishes! =]

  4. Now pray before going to bed to remove by itself for the next morning xD so much glitter hurts!!!

  5. These were some of the first polishes I bought when I *REALLY* got into polish as well! I love them both!

  6. I'm so lucky, for Christmas I wanted my mom to get me the blue Burlesque glitter. She went to the nail salon and apparently they didn't have it, but they had Absolutely Alice! I was so excited. I think they had Mad as a Hatter, but I never bought it. I should have. :(

  7. Love these glitters! I managed to snatch AA on Ebay for a mere $9 a couple months ago - a steal. Still lemming MAAH but I'll try some more frankening (despite the first attempt!!) to see if I can make a decent dupe that won't melt overnight. Pretty swatches :D

  8. I totally love Absolutely Alice, it looks amazing!

  9. My favorite OPIs! :D Love them and it makes me want to use them haha!

    I tagged you with the Top 10 Award here - http://necessary-nails.blogspot.com/2011/06/top-10-award.html

  10. I can't stand the multi-colored glitters they have! Plus, I had hear horrible things about the wear, so I didn't get Mad as a Hatter. I will agree that Absolutely Alice is the most gorgeous glitter I have though!

  11. I can't even deal with Mad as a Hatter by.. It's 2 beautiful.. I managed to snag Absolutely Alice tho!

  12. Absolutely Alice looks similar to Zoya Crystal.

  13. *drools* Nothing beats a gorgeous blue sparkly polish!!!

  14. wow thats a lot of glitters!!!

    btw got here through the member blogs of our fb group! hope u visit my blog too.

    new follower <3


  15. I think both polishes are so pretty but thanks for the post about these swatches wearing out in 24 hours, my nails are short enough for wear as it is. I think i will have to pass on purchasing these.

  16. that's so freakin pretty! I love the blue one! BTW, nice blog. Definitely going to follow you :)


  17. where did you manage to snag these? please please tell us even if it's not there anymore. i'm hoping it'll help me with more places for purchase.

  18. @The Motherload, sorry but it was not recent, i got them when they came out last year at a drug store. lawton's drugs.

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