Tuesday, May 31, 2011

L.A. Colors Color Craze and Art Deco swatches

Hey guys! I meant to post way earlier but I got caught up doing submissions for More Nail Polish's franken contest and Swaafie's nail art contest! And tomorrow I'll be doing a submission for Leslie aka Nail Polish Art Addiction's nail art contest!
Everyone check out those contests.
When voting begins I'll be sure to show you my submissions :)

I also got caught up making swap packages! Swaps are fun but I am done swapping for a while, it got a little out of hand. Haha.

Today I'm going to show you all my L.A. Colors nail polishes.
This does not include L.A. Girl. (They are the same company right?)
Anyway. I have 5 Color Craze polishes and 2 Art Deco polishes.

 I'm going to start with my favorite - Sea Siren.

You might remember this polish from my 10 favorite polishes post.
Sea Siren is an awesome one-coat teal polish. It seems a bit streaky in the photo but it isn't. Beautiful polish. Still one of my faves for sure.
It is a bit hard to capture the color.

It is almost neon, and has a bit of lovely shimmer. I think my picture from the favorite nails post is the most accurate so I'll post it again here:

Love love love.
The rest of the Color Craze polishes I own are jellies.

Atomic is a teal jelly. VNL after 3 coats. Really pretty color though!

Static Electricity is a royal blue jelly, still sheer at 3 coats. Really nice color though.
I think these shades are better on short nails because the VNL is not as obvious.

Nuclear Energy. Again, sheer, 3 coats. Nice deep-but-vibrant purple.

Hot Blooded. I cannot refrain from singing the song Hot Blooded when I see this polish/talk about it.
Hot blooded, check it and seeeeee.
Okay. This one is only 2 coats but still sheer. True red jelly.

That's all for Color Craze!
Everyone should buy Sea Siren. If you can find it. Since I bought this bottle I have never seen another in any L.A. Colors display.
The rest aren't great, and they take a while to dry because of the 3 coats. But jelly lovers will love them!

Now for Art Deco. These aren't really swatches I guess but showing what they are.

I only have 2 Art Deco polishes. Black and Silver Glitter.
The silver one is great but the black one sucks now.
After you use these for a few weeks, doing things like zebra and leopard, they get super gloopy and unusable because when you do detailed patterns you end up leaving the bottle open for too long.
I don't use the black one anymore, I should probably throw it out. No amount of thinner makes it useable really. I started using this brush in Wet N Wild Black creme but now that I have nail art brushes, this one is not needed anymore.

The brushes are really thin and good for nail art. But not excessive nail art, because like I said, they dry up.

The silver glitter is all small silver glitter, all the same size, no holo. Nice for detailing.

That's all my swatches for today!
Now here is a sneak preview of my upcoming DS Original post.
(If we ever get sun. Tomorrow is June, yet today it was so cold I had to wear my winter coat. Pathetic.)

Soooooo holooooooo.


  1. I have Atomic, Static Electricity and Nuclear Energy and have *never* seen Sea Siren, although it looks like it definitely trumps Atomic from your photo's.

    ... oh yeah, I might be a tad jealous of your DS polish. ;) Looking forward to your post on it!

  2. Can't wait to see your DS post, I never get sick of seeing that one.

  3. I hate the art deco stripers too! The brush is just too short and fat!

  4. I love all the jellies! The teal is especially marvelous!

  5. Nice, I'm really starting to like jellies!

  6. Ooh, I need to get Hot Blooded. Too bad about Art Deco Black. I have that one and I wanted to mix in some clear and holo glitter. No point if it goes bad so quickly. :(

  7. I found Sea Siren a couple of weeks back at Dollar Tree. I noticed that some of them have been restocking LA Colors nail polish and some new ones, like Sea Siren have been showing up. So check there for a backup and maybe some other colors to try.

    I'm crap at nail art, but bought those stripers anyway. I hear they are great to franken with, especially the glitters since they are already suspended, you don't have to worry that your glitter will all sink to the bottom of the bottle.