Wednesday, May 11, 2011

opi - no spain no gain

Hey guys, super quick post today because I am in no mood to make a long one.
And this was the only swatch photo I had watermarked, so this is the one you're getting, hah.

This is one of the OPI's I got on clearance for 60% off.
It's a berry red shade, a bit purpley, and I like it in the bottle, but it isn't something I loved on my nails.
It felt too plain and... like a typical color your mom would choose if she were getting a manicure. I don't know.
Not my thing.

Sorry for being the most unenthusiastic blogger ever lately but some personal issues are gettin' me down.
I'll cheer up eventually.


  1. :( Sorry you're down! Stay strong! *hug*

  2. Nice lacquer. Hate it when LIFE happens (it always creeps up on us at THE worst possible moment, imo). Take care

  3. Ok I SO had to laugh at the comment this is the color your mom would pick if she was getting a manicure--I have TONS of polishes this color lol! I'm sure I am old enough to be your mom though!! Sorry you've been down just remember what Dori says in Finding Nemo--"Just keep swimming"!

  4. Awesome for the sale... and pretty color, too! Sorry you're feeling poopy. Know that the nail polish world is on your side!

  5. I'm not a fan of berry purples, but spice that bad boy up with a little bright blue stripe or some stamps or stickers and it would be super cute! Sorry to hear you're feeling down. :( Hope today puts a little spring back into your step!

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