Sunday, May 1, 2011

my first award(s)!

Hi guys. I mentioned yesterday that I received two blog awards this week! And since then, I’ve gotten 2 more! Well, technically they were all the same award. Haha!

First, Ame from GiMiKd Girl tagged me. And then a few hours later, Sara from Sara ♥'s Pretty Little Things did as well! Then heartNAT tagged me, and so did Sarah from Spellbinding Nails.
Pretty cool!

So the rules from this award are that you must write 10 facts about yourself and then tag more bloggers! Here goes.

1) I have Crohn’s disease. For a long time I was so sick that I could not even walk. But thankfully I’ve been in remission now for about a year! I’m still on a ton of meds though, but that doesn’t bother me. Taking 12 pills a day is better than wasting away my life in excruciating pain.

at one point i was on this many.

2) Stemming from fact #1, when my doctors were trying to put me in remission I had to go on steroids. The steroids made me so hyper all the time that I always needed to be doing something (and I also was only sleeping around 5 hours every night, compared to usually only being awake for 8 hours a day, so I had a LOT of extra time on my hands) and I ended up channelling my energy into art. And this is part of the reason I got so into nails. (And baking and crocheting.)

i painted this! and my nails are making an appearance.

3) Another reason I got into nails? A local website. This site has also spawned such bloggers as Kayla Shevonne, Nail Art & Nifty Things, Over the Taupe Beauty, and Samantha Lee’s Nails. (Yeah we are all from the same city, pretty cool huh?)

4) I’m a sociology major. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’m doing well. 2 more years and I’m done the degree!

5) I’m obsessed with the show Supernatural. Obsessed. (And if you are also a Supernatural fan and are wondering which side I’m on, I’m a Sam girl.)

i chose a photo with the time and stuff on it
because you should watch it!!
6) For most of high school, the only nail polish I wore was black. And only on one hand. Why, you ask? Well my blink-182 obsession was going strong (and still is,) and one of the guys in the band always wore black polish on his left hand only. So I did too. I was pretty lame.

look closely! you can see it!

7) I have one of the best jobs ever. You’ve probably seen me post before and mention being at work, and then you might think to yourself, “how on earth can she be blogging from her JOB?” Well, I work in a kiosk in the mall, alone. And we don’t get much business. And I have the internet. So it is awesome! I get paid to be on my laptop for 8 hours a day, crochet a bit, do some Sudoku, and occasionally some actual work.

8) 90% of the time, I pick off my nail polish. I just hate using remover. Especially if it is glitter. I just love the way Seche Vite allows me to peel it off almost entirely. I’m actually doing it right now as I think of these facts!

9) This summer I’ll be going on a road trip with my mom, 2 aunts, and cousin. And I plan on making a stop at Ikea for a helmer (or 2!) and I am so excited about it! Haha! If we end up flying instead of road tripping I will be so sad because obviously I can’t pack them in a suitcase.

still deciding on the color...

10) There are 2 months before I go to Montreal with some besties, and I am starting a diet today to lose 10 pounds before I go. I need to fit into all the cute clothes I will be buying! Heh. Also, speaking of these trips I'm go on, I’m going to have to schedule a lot of posts! I’ll be gone for 6 days in July, and then probably around 2 weeks in August.

That was sort of difficult to think of 10 (somewhat) interesting things! I hope some of you enjoyed it.

Instead of having to choose only 10 blogs, I’m going to do it a bit different.
If you have some form of glitter on your nails right now – you’re tagged!

Now I’m off to swatch a bunch of new polishes I got. I’ll post one later!


  1. Congrats on your blog awards! I really enjoyed reading your facts. :) I'm a Sociology major too! I'll be a senior starting in the fall, and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do as well. :)

    <3 Miranda

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  3. I'm wearing glitter!!! I'm totally going to do this :-)

    Congrats on the awards! I love your blog and your nail art!

  4. I pick my polish off too! It's terrible but I just do it absentmindedly when I'm bored in class or I'm watching TV or something.

  5. Congrats on the awards, you deserve them, your blog is one of my faves. :)
    I'm a big Supernatural fan aswell, only I'm team DEAN. Haha, he's just so cute. And I pick my polish, it's a horrible habit that I just can't seem to get rid of.

  6. The fact that you took something as terrible as Crohn's and indirectly channeled the results of that into your art is AMAZING.

  7. It's cool to have many bloggers around where you live. I'm still looking for a blogging buddy here lol

  8. thanks for all your lovely comments guys!!

  9. Comgrats on your award! I love all your little facts. Don't worry, we all do silly things in high school. If i was hard-core into Blink, i would have done the same thing as you lol

  10. Congrats on the award. What local website Is it that made you wanna blog about nails?

  11. it's just a forum and journal site that wouldn't be interesting to anyone unless they were from newfoundland. and there was a style and beauty forum, and then a nails thread started, and then we all realized how awesome nails are and that we were good at it! hahaha

  12. Loved reading this! :) What an awesome job, BTW! That would be so nice! You definitely deserve this award!

  13. Rebecca, Im sure you have been nominated for this award at least once but not on my blog. :) <3 I have nominated you for an award. Hope you have an awesome Sunday.