Wednesday, May 18, 2011

milani 3D - digital - swatch and review

Good morning!

This is my third day of boring work in a row. I'm going crazy because I am so unproductive here.
I wish I could bring along my camera and polishes because I could get so much swatching done. Hah!

Today's swatch is one of my polishes from Leslie! She sent me the Miliani 3D polish I was missing.
(Well at the time it was the only one I was missing, but then my order for the other 2 got cancelled, and then I ordered direct from Milani, and I'm waiting on them now. Hah.)

Digital is a light pink scattered holo that shows a somewhat linear effect in sunlight.
The sun wasn't very strong when I swatched this. Well, it was, but by the time I got ready to photograph it, the sun was hiding :(
However my camera flash did the trick pretty well too.

This is so pretty. The color is subtle but then the holo makes it so great!

The next picture shows you what it's like when there is no sun or flash on it.

Still really pretty and sparkly. I love how these polishes have different sizes of glitter, it really makes it extra blingy.

Thanks again Leslie! I love this polish so much!
Now I just have to (im)patiently await Hi-Res (purple) and 3D (gold.) I'll be sure to swatch them as soon as I get sun after they come! Haha.
HEY! My mom JUST called me after I wrote that sentence saying that there was a package from Milani in the mail box! Yes!!
I have tomorrow off, but the forecast says "variable cloudiness" so I don't know if I'll have enough sun to swatch them. Hahaha. Either way, yay! :D

Also - I'm going to have my 500 follower giveaway up and running tonight!
I'm going to mix it up with an extra special prize, if you catch my drift ;)


  1. this looks alot more holo than in the bottle. Great surprise!

  2. I have this polish ^^
    A wonder!

  3. I used to have a job that I could get done in half a day - despite the fact I worked 40 hour work weeks so I spent ALL my spare time on line. I was on top of every blog, every tweet and every facebook post. haha. Take care and congrats on your growing following! :)

  4. @Manicured Monkey, pretty much all of the Milani holos look like duds in the bottle, but on the nail they are awesome!

    @LWfTaT, my job doesn't even require half a day. i have served 2 people so far. the last one being almost 3 hours ago! i am so on top of blogs that the blog world can't keep up with me! hahaha

  5. Love this! I like over-the-top polishes like this one, hahah

  6. it kind of looks like teenage dream? No? Am i crazy? lol

  7. I have this on right now. It's soooo pretty - a really impressive holo considering the price and that it's a drug store brand! Layering the 3D polishes over the coordinating Milani Neon polishes, or any coordinating creme polish, really brings out the holo effect. Especially Digital layered over Pink Hottie. It's GORGEOUS!

  8. @Kathhxo - no, Teenage Dream and Digital are nothing alike. Teenage Dream is silver micro-glitter and holographic round or hex (I don't remember which) glitters suspended in a pink tinted, jelly base while, Digital is an opaque pink polish packed holographic particles to give it a scattered, almost linear, holo effect. :)