Monday, May 9, 2011

a couple of china glaze swatches

Hey guys, sorry that I don't have anything more interesting to post but I just have been having a bad couple of weeks and I'm totally lacking in the motivation department.
I have some swatches built up to help my swatch page project, so I'm going to post some of those today.

This post includes:
China Glaze - Rose Among Thorns (neon)
China Glaze - Up All Night
China Glaze - Watermelon Rind

Swatches and review after the jump.

These polishes are three that I picked up during the Sally's sale. 2 of which I just bought because I wanted more sale polishes, not because I had been eying the color.
I need to stop doing that. I'm not really happy with these purchases. Hah.
I also got another one in the sale that I HATE - Sun Worshiper. Blehhhh. I hated it so much I didn't even take a picture when I swatched it. But I will eventually.

On to the swatches.
I'll do the one I actually like first - Watermelon Rind.

Watermelon Rind is from the Summer Days collection. It is a really pretty glass-flecked shimmer that we all know and love from China Glaze, and it is an emerald green shade that sometimes leans teal. It is more green in person than I was expecting from other people's photos.

This first picture is the most color accurate.

This is three coats. It is sheer at first but builds nicely.

It is sorta mermaid-y, if that's your thing.

On to the ones I really didn't need and shouldn't have bought.

Up All Night is a very very dark blue with lighter blue shimmer that isn't as noticeable in person as it is in pictures.

This polish is really pigmented, it only needed 2 coats. But because of how pigmented it is, I had a hard time cleaning up my mistakes, as you can see.

I'm pretty sure the only real reason I bought this one was because of the name. blink-182 was supposed to release a song called Up All Night before their summer reunion tour in 2009. (Did I ever mention that I flew 3.5 hours to see that tour?) But then they decided not to release it before the tour. And to this day it still hasn't been released and has been re-recorded and perhaps we should hear it by the end of this summer.
Maybe I'll wear this polish when it comes out.

Awkwardly-angled photo to show how the shimmer really looks in person. Not very visible.
In the sun it is probably visible but I did this at night.

I was wondering how close this was in color to First Mate, so I did a bottle comparison.

Not close at all, however First Mate is darker than it appears here.

I just feel like super dark colors aren't my thing lately.

Now on to the color I dislike. (But not as much as Sun Worshiper.)
(Maybe I should stay away from neons.)
(But I love Turned Up Turquoise and Flying Dragon...)


Rose Among Thorns. You looked so much nicer in the bottle...

This is neon red. Seemed a bit more coral under the flourescent lights of Sallys.
I think I'm just too pale for reds/oranges. 

On the bright side, my camera is photographing neons quite well.
This was 4 coats. Dried matte and dried really quick, as neons do.

I wanted to see if I would like it more with top coat or with stamping, and I had a konad plate nearby so I tried it out and it was a fail.

I did a terrible job at the stamping, and I think this is the most unforgiving image. It's from m57 if you were wondering. And I still didn't like the color.

I think maybe warm tones just aren't me. Except pink. But pink can be warm and cool.

And now for some prettyness - a close up of one of my gradient nails.

I pretty much just wanted to show you the shimmer in Power Pink.

That's all for today! Sorry for this boring post.
I know swatches aren't very fun, but I can't change my polish and do art every day!

I have 4 girls coming over this week for nails for their grads, and 2 appointments besides, so maybe if I do some different stuff on them I'll snap a couple of pics!


  1. I love that gradient-the shimmer in the pink is so pretty and summery!

  2. I like swatches!

    I wasn't fond of Sun Worshipper on my tips, but on my toes (over a white creme) I thought it was fine. (And my husband loved it--wanted to know why I didn't wear that color all the time. Men.)

  3. ooh i might have to try it on my toes!

  4. Sorry for the feeling low {{HUGS}} will hopefully help. :)

    Love the swatches. I cannot tell you (and won't from embarrassment) as to how long I've owned Watermelon Rind and not tried it at all. I have no idea why because I always love the swatches, go figure?

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with neon colours. I blame the eighties.

  6. Rose Among Thorns was so pretty at sallys I just had to have it... As soon as i put it on i wasn't flipped out over it, and then i walked outside... i felt like i should be going glow bowling, i hated it so much i passed it on to my 9 year old cousin who was happy to have it!