Sunday, May 22, 2011

dupe alert! color club starry temptress vs sally hansen disco ball

Hey guys, quick post before I go to bed about a dupe I discovered tonight while playing with my polishes!

Color Club - Starry Temptress topcoat and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Disco Ball.

I swatched them over black.
(See Starry Temptress over all the colors from the collection by clicking here.)

These are both clear polish packed full of iridescent glitter. They give a very nice sparkle to lighter polishes but you can really see the iridescence when you layer it over dark colors.

Can you see where one stops and the other starts?

Starry Temptress on the left half and Disco Ball on the right.
Basically identical.

The only difference I noticed was that Starry Temptress is much thicker than Disco Ball. Because it is thicker, one coat ends up being more glitter-dense than Disco Ball.

If you want some Starry Temptress action but can't get Color Club, run to Walmart and snatch up Disco Ball for just $2.77 Canadian!

Reminds me of this other Xtreme Wear dupe I found.

Have you entered my giveaway?

Nail art coming up tomorrow! (And by "tomorrow" I really mean "later today when I wake up")
Good night!


  1. Wow this is nice! Thanx for the post =D

  2. Thanks so much for this post I have disco ball it's so exciting when there's a dupe for something u want and u already own it!!

  3. you can find a dupe also on SinfulColors

  4. Thanks.
    They look almost the same!

  5. Gosh & Kiko also have a similar one, not sure of they would be such a perfect dupe

  6. You can probably add WnW Hallucinate, Milani Diamond Dust, and a Pure Ice one that I can't remember the name on - I'm actually surprised Sinful Colors doesn't have their version. Don't get me wrong, I love this color as its EXCELLENT to franken with, which is why I know so many brands that have it. lol

  7. hahaha, well at least we all will never run out of this glitter :P

  8. Yeah, I was going to say they both remind me of Wet 'n Wild Hallucinate, as someone else already pointed out... Actually when I got Hallucinate, I brought it home and realized that I already had a Target mini polish that was exactly like it too! I almost returned the Hallucinate but I figured 69c it's worth keepin, lol:-)

  9. Disco ball was the the second polish I ever purchased. I loved the sparkles.

  10. I wonder if Nubar's Dewdrop is also a dupe.