Thursday, May 26, 2011

wet n wild - shameless - swatch and review

Hey guys! Late night post for my follower/friend Laurie.
Laurie followed my blog and then found me on facebook from the Bundle Monster competition, and we've been having cute little facebook chats. :) Hi Laurie!
So anyway, we were discussing Wet N Wild Shameless, which we both saw on Imperfectly Painted recently.
Anyway, I remember upon seeing that post thinking that it looked similar to an old Wet N Wild I had, but that was called Impudique. (Despite the fact that I speak French quite well, it did not dawn on me that this means shameless in French.)

So we talked about it, and I thought it was light gray with pink shimmer, and we discussed dupes because Laurie wants it, but it is really old! (We're talking old. I am 99% sure I have had this since I was 7. For real.)

And I said to myself, "with all this talk about oldie Wet N Wild, I need to swatch mine!" So I run to my stash to get my 3 old ones and then I see it.

I own it. And didn't know it.
"Impudique" is written on the back above the ingredients, so after seeing that I didn't bother to look for an English name. Haha.
But this is exciting! Because I looooved the swatches I saw.

Shameless is more blue than I've seen from other photos. At least mine is. You never know how many times these old polishes were reformulated. The above photo is the most color-accurate.
As you can see if you look closely, the bottle I have and the bottle Stephanie has are a bit different - which I think proves that this color has changed a little.
Laurie also found a version of this in the Wild Shine line on a website - who knows what that one looks like!

This version is a really light dusty blue with really pretty pink shimmer. It is sort of a gray-blue.

The shimmer is pretty strong! But stronger in the bottle:

This was three coats, no issues. (But I didn't clean up so well because it was almost 2am when I put this on.)

This polish is a good example of how polish only lasting a year is a myth - like I said, I'm pretty sure this is about 13 years old. If not 13, at least 8 or 9. And I didn't have to add thinner or anything!
There was dried up polish on the lip of the bottle that I cleaned off, but that is likely due to the fact that I haven't used it since I was 12 or younger, and was not a pro back then.

I love this polish! What a surprise, finding something in your stash you never knew you had. (Even if it is a bit different than you expected.)


  1. Hi everyone! Laurie here! Of course I LOVE this! Why oh why does Canada seem to have all these things we can't get in the states???! This is the 2nd time Rebecca has taunted me as earlier she got me hooked on Joe Twilight! Luckily for me I have 2 friends in Canada who picked up bottles of Twilight for me. It does seem this one is more bluey and the one Stephanie posted was more lilac or grey but both of them have that pink shimmer--really so gorgeous. I put this on my wish list and marked the site I found it on. I wonder how long I'll hold out before I spend the $14 to get it????!

  2. Wow!! What a surprise!It's gorgeous!!
    I am amazed it is still in good shape after all these years

  3. Ooh, I really like the color.

  4. *drool* I want that, and I know I can't have it! lol

  5. I have this and it's totally different. Its more lavender. The shimmer looks the same. It's also in a the wild shine bottle. I like this version but I love the one I have so much that I barely use it afraid I might run out lol.

  6. Around a month ago, while visiting my sister, I came across my old "bag of polish" (literally a clear bath-type bag filled with polish) that I gave to her about 6 years ago. The polishes literally are at least 10-12 years old and 98% of them are completely usable. I swear, polish NEVER expires and if it goes funny, polish thinner can work miracles. Thanks for bringing back memories from so long ago. :)