Friday, May 27, 2011

sally hansen nail prisms - lapis amethyst - swatch and review

Hey lovlies, second post today, this one for my friend and fellow blogger Ame from GiMiKd Girl.
Ame loves Sally Hansen Nail Prisms. She loves them so much, she has a page dedicated to them!
In looking at her page of them, I noticed that my one Nail Prisms polish did not look like the version she posted of it. So I told her I would show her mine! So Ame, here you go!

This was done after I swatched a bunch of red polishes so of course macro picked up my slightly red cuticles. Ignore that please!

This is FIVE coats. It is really, really thin. Not just sheer, but thin. I knew I wouldn't be trying to keep it on my nails, so I didn't care about the dry time of five coats. I just wanted to build it up enough to show the color.

This is just a light blue sorta metallic sorta shimmery polish. There is a purple flash in the bottle which you can see in my pictures, but it does not come out on the nail.

I'm not a huge fan of it. I think 10-year-old me bought one of the least interesting polishes in the collection. Typical! (But this also proves that lacquer does not die after a year.)

I decided to try layering it over black, because I figured that would be awesome, and maybe end up sort of like the HD polishes over black. And I was right!

It turned so turquoise! Total surprise. A good surprise.
I'll be rockin' this baby over black for sure.

I hope you liked this, Ame! :)


  1. i like it, but dang. FIVE coats. at least it will be gorge over black/navy :)

  2. Layering is definitely the way to go - it looks FABULOUS over black!

  3. wow, it really pops as a layering polish. I am happy for you that it turned out turquoise. Because I know from reading your blog that you don't have near enough turquoise ;)

  4. It does look a lot like the HD polishes, which makes me love it already

  5. Thanks Rebecca! You rock. Your version is so different to mine. That's one of the things I love about Nail Prisms though...the same colour is never the same colour! I wonder what my one looks like over black...though mine was slighty more opaque from memory. Slighty!

  6. It looks so much better when layered, I love turquoise.

  7. I also love, love, LOVE Sally Hansen's Prisms! I'm kicking myself for not loving them when they first came out!

  8. i think those with prints are the most exiting