Wednesday, May 25, 2011

another reader request! stiletto stamp

Hi guys, I'm home from the internet-free-zone a.k.a. work, and I'm ready to post! Haha.

I'm currently listening to the new My Chemical Romance CD which is awesome. And I am so pumped to see them with blink this summer.
I love blink and I love everyone they tour with.
When I saw them 2 summers ago, they toured with Taking Back Sunday and Weezer, so it was basically my three faves at once. And now they're touring with MCR, one of my other faves.
The only way it could get better is if Fall Out Boy got back together and went on the tour too, hahaha. (They were on the tour last time but I was forced to choose between a date with TBS or FOB.)
I'm so excitedddddd.

On to the mani. 
In the comment section of my giveaway form, Sara from Sara ♥'s Pretty Little Things asked if I could do mani with the stilettos image from the new Bundle Monster plates, so here you go Sara!

I started with one coat of Orly's Blushing Bud. This is one of the best polishes I own, formula-wise. One coat!
It looks a bit streaky in the photo but it isn't in person. It is just the perfect medium pink creme.

Then I added a gradient, and the stamp!

The gradient was done with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Trouble Maker and Nicole by OPI - I'm a Belieber. I stamped with Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Silver Sweep.

I had issues with this image. I could not get it to pick up with black polish as I planned on doing. I would have liked this a lot better if it was black! Black pumps would have been so much cuter.
The silver didn't work perfect either, but it was good enough.

I think the issue I had might have something to do with the texture of the etched part of the plate. When the image is large, the bottom of it can be textured, and I think that makes the polish stick inside the plate instead of letting it get picked up with ease. I think this is the downside of BM vs Konad.

I know some people have used this plate with no issues, so it isn't a problem with all plates, but I think their overall quality control isn't as good as Konad.
That being said, they have seriously awesome customer service, so if you have any issues they will fix them. This isn't an image I am in love with so it isn't a big deal for me.

I hope you liked this, Sara!

If you guys have any requests - nail art, comparisons, swatches - don't hesitate to ask! You can leave them in comments or email me!

Have you entered my giveaway?
Have a lovely evening!


  1. That's really nice, love the silver against the pink and purple.

  2. I awarded you a Stylish Blogger award on my blog:

    Great tutorial!

  3. I still have never done a gradient before!!?? Must try it soon. Yours always look awesome!

  4. Omg I have no idea whats wrong with me these days... i'm soo late! Ugh
    Anyway aww thank you so much for doing this! =) I LOVE what you'v done with it, the gradient is very pretty and actually i'm glad you chose to work with silver to stamp with =) Looks awesome!
    Hmm... i'm really tempted to buy these plates now.... only cos of this image lol! I guess I like shoes... =P

  5. thanks everyone! i'm happy you like it sara :)