Sunday, May 1, 2011

sally hansen xtreme wear - pacific blue

Hey guys! Today I swatched 9 polishes. NINE!
I needed to get a pile of things ready to post because I sadly ran out of my archive! Hah.

The other day I noticed on another blog that the girl had a page that had a list of all her polishes, and the ones she had swatched were linked.
And then I realized that doing the same thing here would be awesome.
So I've decided to start that project! A collection list, with links to swatches.
Will all my polishes be swatched one day? I hope so!
And there will be a nice list here for everyone to see.
(I've also starting going back through my posts and adding color tags because I never did that originally.)

So to begin my new journey of swatching, I have for you a beautiful blue.
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue.

Pacific Blue is like the essential royal blue creme. You can say that OPI's Dating A Royal is, but why pay $10 when this beauty is only $2?
Seriously. Awesome color, awesome formula, 2 easy coats. Easily one of the best formulas in the Xtreme Wear line.

The flash picture is much too bright - but shows that it is totally smooth and glossy.

This is one of my favorites for sure. I really love blue nails. Always have! The only 2 polishes from my childhood that I remember buying myself were blue.
If you don't have this one yet, I totally recommend it. It even stamps pretty decently over lighter colors.

So about this swatch project, I know some of you are probably thinking that it will suck because swatches are boring.
I promise I will still have as much nail art as possible! I don't like to change my mani every day, but hopefully I'll have some art every third day, and more often when possible. (There will be some tomorrow!)

At work tomorrow I'm going to finish writing up my page of polishes, so have a look out for that then. Goodnight!


  1. agreed this is a beautiful blue I'm going to keep my eye out for this, good luck on your project I wish I had the time to do that.

  2. I recently got this Polish too And I love it. I love blue nails too. That is quite a project I have my Polish collection on a separate page to but it became to much to keep up with so I have on a Google doc where I can also put the link of the post and number wheel /tip its on.