Friday, May 20, 2011

color club - starry temptress collection - swatches and review

Hi everyone, late post today because the internet connection I use at work has disappeared.
Which means I have some long, boring days ahead of me if I don't get it back.
Bleh. I'm seriously bummed. I spent months without internet here before and I always end up on the verge of quitting.
I'm working again tomorrow morning and I seriously hope it is back then. If it isn't, it's probably gone forever.

I had plans for my shift today, too. I was going to start sorting my giveaway entries and begin entering them into a document. This time there are going to be so many that I can't leave it until the end.
P.S. - thank you to all of you who have left me lovely comments in the giveaway form! I love reading them. You all have been cheering me up.

Anyway, swatch time!
Today I'm showing you the entire Color Club Starry Temptress collection.

I tried for weeks to find somewhere that would send me this collection without spending like 3 times what I should have.
In the end I managed to get it for $30. That is a lot more than I have paid for my other Color Club sets ($12.99+tax at Winners) however they retail for $21 regularly so I don't think I did too badly.
And I really wanted it, and $30 for 7 polishes is a good deal. It's just over $4 per polish.

This set of polishes had the larger caps with the flower on top, and also the name sticker on the bottom. None of my other sets had that, while my individual polishes do.

This set includes 6 neon glitters(!) and a glitter topcoat.

Now, in reading other people's reviews from this, they said that while these polishes were full of glitter, yet they were not glittery.
The first color I wore was Space Case (on my right hand only... haha) and the reviews did not make sense to me with this polish as I could see the glitter. But then when I swatched them, I realized what they meant.

All of these swatches are 2 coats!

This is Space Case. The ultimate Barbie pink. Seriously.
Now as you can see, the glitter does sparkle a little in this one!  But not as much as you would expect from the bottle, I suppose.
This is my favorite from the set. There is some VNL in this photo but it was not visible in person.
(Despite the fact that this is the first color I'm showing you, it was the last one I swatched, so I have a serious case of glitter herpes on my fingers. Excuse that :P)

Starry Temptress really makes this one awesome.So much more glitter.
The glitter in polishes seems a bit holo, but Starry Temptress is iridescent.
So Barbie. If Barbie could wear nail polish this would be it. Love it sooooo much.

Ultra-Astral. Hot hot pink, more reddish-pink than Space Case which is true pink. Now I understand the comments about the glitters not being glittery!
There are so many glitter pieces but they are lost in the base color. It is a weird effect. 
Here is a close up:

Weird! So Starry Temptress really makes this one better. The rest of these polishes all have this same drowned-glitter effect.

That's more like it! Really awesome.

Wink, Wink, Twinkle. Neon purple! My camera kinda hates purple like this for some reason and the flash goes right through them. The VNL you see here is not visible in person at all.

Oh Starry Temptress, you make everything so much cooler.

You Got Soul-ar. It's orange, so you probably know already that this is my least favorite. Orange just doesn't do it for me. However, this one is pretty cool, but I'm not sure when I would wear it.
I'm just too pale for it. And I don't like tanning. Haha.

When I put Starry Temptress on it, I did like it a lot more. Maybe I'll try it out in the summer.

Glitter Envy. Yay neon green! I feel like I am a bit too pale for this one too but I still like it despite that.

Starry Temptress really looked cool on this one because the iridescence flashes green sometimes, so green + green is cool!

Otherworldly. Love the name, love the polish. The drowned-glitter effect kinda looks cool on this one. This is an awesome shade of blue.

It is even more otherworldly when you put Starry Temptress on top. Beauty!

Close up of Starry Temptress, just to show the glitter.
It isn't holo but the iridescent glitter does flash multiple colors.
It really is a nice topcoat for these polishes, and I'm sure it would look awesome over pretty much anything.
Sometime I'll swatch it over black!

This collection - although all but one of the shades have the strange drowned-glitter effect - is awesome. Total win in my books.
Neons that are so pigmented that they cover in 2 easy coats? Awesome! The formula is a bit thick but I found it really easy to work with and I barely had to do any clean up.

Like I said, I'm not sure if I'll ever wear the orange, and I don't think I would wear the others without Starry Temptress (save for Space Case.)
All the colors are awesome and I'm sure this collection has something for everyone.

The removal is a bit of a pain as with most glitters, and I did experience tip wear fairly quickly with Space Case, but that could be due to the fact that I am trying out a new base coat.

I'm happy I splurged on these polishes.
Thumbs up for Color Club! :D


  1. I love the Starry Temptress collection! drowned glitter and all. It's still awesome.

  2. Haha "glitter herpes" I H.A.T.E. that! lmao

    As for your internet being down - I wondered what happened to you today? Now I know. Hope its back for you VERY SOON.

    I like this collection but I think I would have preferred creme or shimmer for the colors and then use the rainbow glitter TC - but that's just me. I think its a nice set overall to own.

  3. I really liked the drowned glitter effect. It made the polish look like it had tiny speckles or polka dots that were glittery.

  4. I really love this collection :) bright colours and glitter? What is not to love?

    Also I do hope the internet gets fixed. Susan went nutty in that place with internet, and I can't Wilson lasting without it either.

  5. The more I see this collection the more I love it and really want it, lovely swatches.

  6. Ooh, such pretty colors. I really like Starry Temptress and Otherworldly.

  7. I just now found this entire set at a store for $7.99. But I actually managed to pass on it just because I've been unimpressed by swatches. I was proud of myself!

  8. Do you have a Ross near you?!
    I got this collection yestdery for only $7.99!
    They also had another collection, I didnt get the name :/ It was on clearance for $5.49

  9. Sadly I don't! Ross is only in the states I believe. I do plan on trying to go there this summer though, if there is one in Buffalo near the border! Hahaha.

    Leslie, I don't know how you passed it up! Haha.

  10. I want this whole collection soooooo bad! I have been stalking my local ross for it, but no such luck yet :(

  11. woot! thanks for the entire collection in one post. I was able to make sure I labeled my bottles correctly LOL