Friday, May 6, 2011

china glaze - electric pineapple - swatch and review

Good afternoon!
I figured where I used Electric Pineapple in yesterday's post, I might as well show you a full swatch! My friend Victoria was kind enough to let me swatch it as payment for having picked it up for her. Hah!

Electric Pineapple is a strange greeny-yellow shade that looked better on Victoria than it did on me.
Her skin is more pink than mine and it made the polish look more... I don't know. Better.

The formula was great though! I've seen people complain about this being hard to work with but I didn't have issues. It's a three-coater, but it goes on smooth and levels out nice.

I just don't really like it on me. I think it would look better on someone with darker or pinker skin, or a tan!

I noticed while using this that the bottoms of the ChG bottles have changed a bit.

It's not a big deal, but I prefer the older one. I don't like ones that peel off.

So my polish goal for May is already failing horribly. Today is the 6th. I have bought 14 for myself. And received 5 from Leslie.
Now you're thinking "FOURTEEN ALREADY?!"
3 of them were from Milani online to complete my 3D set and also I got Silver Jewel FX.
2 of them were 75% off. 1 was cool and was only $3.33.
And I got 8 of them last night. 2 were on sale at Shoppers:

Yeah that's Essie for $3.97. Kisses and Bisses. I didn't even really want this color but like... $3.97!
(I wonder if I can go back and buy the other one there and then exchange it for a different color.......haha)
The L'Oreal was $3.47 and it seems cool.

And then I went to Chatters and saw this:

And I was like "ooh cute, 3 polishes in a set!" and picked it up to see what they were. And then I saw this:

...And I promptly went to the cash register to buy it. Haha!
They are minis, but ChG minis aren't really that small! They are 9.2ml which is only 4.8ml less than the full size. So it is still plenty of polish, especially for people like me who won't use a full bottle anyway.
And I wanted all these colors!
So. Delighted.

If China Glaze does more sets like this with the new collections I will probably be buying them.
They did a 4-piece mini set for Anchors Away, so I hope maybe more 6-piece minis are in the future!

Just for fun, here are some pictures of the goodies Leslie got me.

She also sent me a cuticle pusher tool thing but I forgot to put that in the photo!

Faye. My very first Zoya <3

Digital. Can't wait to swatch this in the sun!

Nail Junkie. Glitterrrrrr.

My camera didn't want to show the shimmer in Perplex so no close up of that. Swatch of Mint Apple coming tomorrow.

Thanks again Leslie!


  1. I found the 6-pc mini China Glaze sets at Winners for quite a lot cheaper. Hope you can find it there

  2. WHAT! my winners doesn't have China Glaze! :(

  3. jealous! i want that mini cg set! especially the top three. i wonder if i can find it anywhere here...

  4. Look at all those awesome polishes! How fun!!! I thought about getting Electric Pineapple, but opted not to in the end. Very pretty, though! :)

  5. No buys are so hard. :P I use to have Digital but I swapped it out. However, I remember layering it over black for a different effect and it was hot!

  6. For starters, awesome sale polishes are always a necessary purchase.

    Secondly I have seen swatches with Kisses and Bisses making a lovely layering polish so you might want to try that once before you exchange it.

    Thirdly, I love you glitter haul, but what are the feathers for?

  7. Great blog Rebecca!! Now following you too!!! :-)

  8. Great haul! And it's hard to maintain your goal with polishes since they're so cheap individually! Everytime you buy a bottle you're like "Ooh, that's just a few dollars/euros" and by the end of the month you have 50 new bottles and you're broke, hahah

  9. wow! love everything you got! Ive been searching for those minis everywhere! I love mini polishes they are so cute and you can throw them in your bag when your on the go. I am also falling miserably I think i am at 16 and its only the the 8th :-(.

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