Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sally hansen xtreme wear - purple pizzazz - swatch and review

I've got a must-buy Xtreme Wear for you today. When a polish is this pretty and only $2 how can you pass it up?

Unfortunately though this is one of those polishes that is hard to capture. I had to break out both cameras again to try and get it right!

But I got it right! My old camera is the one that managed to do it right so I can't blow up the photos for detail because the camera isn't as good.
A collection of photos to try to display this polish are after the jump!

Purple Pizzazz is a gorgeous purple jelly with pink almost-flakie-shimmer. Bigger than regular shimmer and glass flecks but smaller than flakies.

Do you see the pink shining? So pretty!

For some reason my good camera just did not want to take pictures of this correctly. It was as if the flash just penetrated the polish and the photos looked like I was only wearing one sheer coat when it really was totally opaque (3 coats.)

See? How weird! There was no VNL in person after 3 coats.

Look at all the shimmer in this one! If the above picture wasn't showing it so sheer, it would be a perfect representation.

Oh Sally Hansen. Sometimes you amaze me.

If you guys didn't see my post last night - my stash/swatch page is up! And I asked a question but only got one answer so far - so I'll ask it again here.
Would you like it better if I posted each swatch individually as I do them, or try to post multiple from one brand at the same time?
Obviously some will still get their own post if they're special or new, but I don't know what you guys would prefer.


  1. I like to see full collections swatched together, but otherwise I prefer individual posts.

    Um, I think I may have to go pick up Purple Pizazz right now. ;)

  2. I like seeing collections swatched together, or similar colors from different collections done together.

  3. Rofl. I thought "oh pretty color! I gotta find that next time i'm out." then when I was doing my nails I looked up on my shelf and it was staring back at me! I already have this color! Lol. It's one that is beautiful, but somehow I forget I have it.
    Oh and I'm one of those people usually bored by plain swatches. So I like it when they're grouped by color or brand collection.

  4. I would be posting more but I keep getting errors.

    I really like this colour, but I like jellies and sparkles in general :)

    As for swatching, I do have to admit I like to see them in batches then individual. I like massive doses of polish vs. small fixes XD