Saturday, May 21, 2011

milani 3D - hi-res - swatch and review

Hi guys! I promise to have some nail art for you tomorrow but for today I have an amazing amazing polish.
This officially went into my top 10 as soon as I put it on, top 5 even!
I wish this had arrived before I spent $23 on DS Original, because this is probably close enough that I wouldn't have needed Original.
(Hey Laurie, maybe you can pick up this one! Lol.)

Anyway. This is Hi-Res from the Milani 3D Holographic collection.

Oh my gooooooood, awesome.
(Okay speaking of oh-my-god-awesome, do any of you guys watch Supernatural? The season finale was on last night and I am so invested in it that I literally cried four times during the 2 hours. It was SO GOOD. Watch it!!)

This is one of the 3 Milani polishes I ordered direct from Milani because I couldn't get them here!
And I was not expecting it to be this freaking awesome!
The green 3D is still the most holo out of all the ones I have... but this one is purple and the effect just seems totally different than the others. Next sunny day I have, I will show you the wheel I have with all six colors on it.

I am obsessed with this polish now. It is actually probably my #1 favorite. That might change when DS Original comes but for now this one has my full heart. Time for pic spam.

I think DS Original is a bit brighter purple and the effect is more linear. I'll be sure to do a comparison.


As usual I have used both my cameras to capture the holo in different lights.

As with all of these polishes, this is 3 coats.


I have no more words to say about this polish other than it is perfect.

Look at the cute boxes Milani sends.

Here's the 3 I got. (The other box belongs to Kayla Shevonne.)

I haven't swatched the gold one yet because the sun was only out long enough to do the purple.

Now for some babbling:
I've started writing up all the giveaway entries, and because of all the extra entries, I'm already at over 300 individual entries! After not even a week! Pretty cool I think.

I also have been keeping track of the favorite polishes, and I will be making a post with all of them when the giveaway closes because it really interests me and I bet it will interest some of you too!

Please keep the suggestions coming! Any comment left that involves a suggestion I put into my "blog ideas" notepad and I promise to try and incorporate them all and get any request done ASAP.

And I love all of your sweet comments. They make my day!

Know what else makes my day?
Winning giveaways! Especially awesome ones!
I'm basically exploding because I just won a giveaway from From Head to Foot and I squealed when I saw the email.
Want to see what I won?!

Ahhhhhhhhhh! German goodies!!!
This is so freakin' cool because I have always wanted to try like all of these brands. The only thing I won that I have tried before is L.A. Colors. The rest is all brand new to me! And magnetics! Oh my, the blog world is too good to me.

And my first Nfu-Oh!
It seems an awful lot like Joe Fresh Twilight. Haha! I'll do a comparison whenever they come.

Canada Post is most likely going on strike this week - so all my packages are probably going to get delayed.

That's all for today.


  1. Love this polish, it looks great!
    And congratulations on winning the giveaway. :)

  2. Now that it's sunny, I NEED to pull this out and try it.

  3. the purple is beautiful! so holo! *.*

    congratulations for winning the giveaway! awesome brands there, i know some of those! and that catrice... i think you'll love it! it's beautiful!

  4. Awesome polish!
    I have it ^^
    Gald for the prizes!!

  5. I just bought this polish, but haven't tried it yet. I am so excited to put this on my nails now!

  6. Oh wow I have that mailani polish but i'm saving it for the sun =) Looks incredible and I cant wait to try it out!
    Btw congrats on winning! Wow awesome prize goodies =)

  7. Well, crap. I'm getting ready to ship a box to Canada. :P

    I like the Milani 3Ds - especially layering them over colors, some layering I've done Zoya Envy under the green 3D and black under the pink 3D.

    ENJOY your excellent winnings when they arrive. Here's hoping they get there FAST! :)

  8. Aaw and it makes my day reading how much you look forward to getting these nail polishes! I'll do my best to post them tomorrow, they're already packed and ready to go :)

  9. Oh no I had this in my hand today and put it back for revlon royal I'm sad now it's gorgeous!

  10. congrats!!! and the milani holo is gorgeous!! I cant take my eyes off your nails now >.<

  11. I had a "nail polish party" where a few friends got together and shared polishes, and Hi-Res was definitely a favorite in the group. I totally understand why you love it!