Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 new Insta-Dri polishes!

Hey guys, since most of you said you'd prefer swatches in batches, today I'll show you 2 new Insta-Dri shades that I picked up.
I really need to start doing my nails more to get more to post!

The swatches will be after the jump, but first I'd like to tell you guys about an awesome giveaway.
I don't normally do posts for giveaways but I make exceptions when it is a friend hosting the giveaway!
Beauty By Kayla Shevonne is hosting a HUGE giveaway with $250 in prizes. How awesome would it be to win that?! It includes a bottle of Hidden Treasure and I know a lot of you never managed to get your hands on that!
Click here to go straight to her giveaway post.

On to my swatches!

A new Insta-Dri collection was released for spring I guess, and when looking at the display, these 2 jumped out to me.
Raspberry Race and Chartreuse Chase. (And they happened to rhyme.)

I'll start with my favorite, Raspberry Race!

Raspberry Race is a color I've been looking for for a while. It is a muted pink/purple, pastel but still saturated.

I don't think you can go wrong with this type of color.

The color is somewhere in between the 2 photos. My camera was having trouble.
This color applied in 2 easy coats.
I think the formula on these polishes has changed a bit. I didn't find Raspberry Race to be as pigmented, chalky, and hard to remove as the other shades I have like Presto Pink.
Presto Pink is thin and chalky and horrible to try to clean off your cuticles - it just wants to stain. I find it more like paint than polish.
But this one is a much better formula, I would say it is comparable to China Glaze in the way it applies.
Two thumbs up for this one!

Now for the next color, Chartreuse Chase.

This is the type of color I wouldn't usually buy which is why I decided to try it! I'm all about trying to buy new colors these days. (Which is why some of my upcoming swatches include a yellow and an orange.)

This polish is lighter than what I think of when I hear Chartreuse.
It's as if you mixed butter yellow with some lime green. And added a whole pile of greeny-blue shimmer.

I was not expecting the shimmer to be this visible on the nail! But it makes this color really interesting.
I'm not sure if it is "me" but I will need to wear it longer to decide.

What is strange about this formula is that it is totally different from all other Insta-Dri's I own - it took 4 coats for this opacity. FOUR!
That is unheard of for Insta-Dri.

So I decided to try stamping with both of these.

Raspberry Race is great over lighter colors but not as bright over black as the older Insta-Dri's. But still good.
Chartreuse Chase is barely visible over light colors but the shimmer in it really shows up over black.

I think I might pick up one more from this new collection - Co-Bolt Blue, an almost-metallic royal blue.

In other news, Kayla Shevonne and I have reordered the remaining Milani 3D's we need, direct from Milani. Fingers crossed that it works out this time!
Yesterday I wanted to swatch Digital from Leslie's package but the sun didn't want to come out. However, today the sun is shining bright as I am wasting away at work in the mall. As always!


  1. Ooo, both of those insta-dri's look super pretty! :) Hope work goes well for you today!

  2. I kind of LOVE the Insta Dris. My White is almost out. I have to make a trip and I think I'll pick up that Chartreuse Chase. :)

  3. wow these are cool do they really take quick to dry?

    shel xx

  4. Natalie, thanks, you're so sweet! Only another hour and a half now

    JQ, make sure you get the white with the sticker on top like I posted about before! Haha.

    Irishenchantment, these ones didn't dry as fast as the older ones, but still pretty fast!

  5. Wow, Chartreuse Chase is so interesting! I don't have anything like that at all so I think I might have to pick that one up.

    Also, can't wait for my Milani polishes! And my Starry Temptress collection!

  6. Raspberry Rush looks great on you!! Chartreuse Chase is a very weird but interesting colour, can see why you bought it!

  7. The Chartreuse Chase is very...odd...but in a good way.

  8. I love how both of them turned out! I am new to stamping.. may I ask which stamping plate were you using here?